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Jörg Dandl from Sinn

Today Jörg Dandl from Sinn tells us about the history of this wonderful brand and its most emblematic watches.
A truly exceptional pilot's watch brand with a fascinating history.

Read a transcript of the interview below:

My name is Jörg Dandl. I am the sales director of Sinn Spezialuhren. We are a small niche brand founded 60 years ago, in 1961, so we celebrated our 60th anniversary last year. And it was founded by Mr. Helmut Sinn, a former pilot. He liked mechanical watches and he started the business in the 1960s with mechanical pilot's watches. He sold them directly to end consumers. And that was the beginning of the company.

The company grew over the years quite rapidly. About 27 years ago, Mr. Schmidt, the current owner, took over the company after Mr. Sinn. And since then we have been focusing on technologies that are very unique and special. And that is what the name 'Sinn Spezialuhren' - Sinn Special Watches stands for.

We no longer focus only on pilot's watches. We also focus on diving watches, on mission chronometers, functional watches, more tool watches, instruments where design always follows function.

The main lines are definitely pilot watches with different functions, passing through diving watches. Our diving watches are quite robust, with a pressure resistance of at least 100 bar and up to 500 bar. Which is quite unique in the watch industry.

We publish new releases about two or three times a year, usually in the spring. Today I bring with me two pieces. One is a Limited Edition, a very special watch with a special material, we call it Damascus steel, which is corrosion resistant and contains several of our technologies.

One is the TEGIMENT technology, which is the anti-scratch technology. Which some of our watches are equipped with. As I said, the case and the crown are scratch resistant. The hands and the appliques are 18-karat gold. And the wonderful thing is, if I just take some of the parts before the watch is finished, that's the stainless steel damascus raw material already cut on a CNC machine and a drilling machine.

So you can see it's a little bit special, it's scratch resistant and after the TEGIMENT process we coated with black PVD hard coating.
The buckle, the crown and the case back are made of Damascus steel.

Let me introduce another novelty called 717. It is a chronograph watch with a diameter of 45 millimeters. Again it is black, which means tegimented, scratch resistant. And it has integrated all the technologies that we offer. We have the AR technology with the little drying capsule here on the side. Some military tornado aircraft pilots contacted us and asked, "Can we have that kind of tornado aircraft watch on our wrist?" So we adapted it, we adapted that cockpit watch to a wrist watch, and it looks pretty close.

My favorite watch is also a pilot's watch. It's called the 900 Pilot. It's my everyday watch and I've been wearing it for a couple of years now. It's a pretty robust watch with all the technologies we offer, something I can wear any day. A chronograph with three sub-dials AR technology on the side, the small drying capsule, TEGIMENT, scratch resistant technology, and with the second time zone.

Thanks to all Sinn fans in Spain.

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