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Jeffrey Coleman

Jeffrey Coleman from Tinterías Podcast

A few weeks ago we were visited in Madrid by Jeffrey Coleman, one of the creators of the podcast tinterías de US, a real gem for lovers of writing and inks in general.

Read a transcript of the interview below:

Hello very good afternoon I'm Jeffrey Coleman
and I'm well a university professor of Spanish literature in the United States and also today the host of Tinterías The Fountain Pen Podcast. When I was studying here in Madrid at the Complutense in 2006 I found a store on Calle Carranza which was a stationery store that also had pens and pencils.
that also had pens and pencils and things like that and I was fascinated because there are no stores like that in the United States, well there are very few stores like that in the United States, and at that time I had the habit of writing letters to my grandmother in Ghana because she is deaf and we couldn't talk on the phone and there was no facetime and there was no facetime.
phone and there was no facetime and those things at that time so I wanted something very nice to be able to write to my grandmother.

I at that time also thought that a fountain pen would help me
would help me to have nicer handwriting, which is not true, but then with a lot of practice it has been getting better and getting a little nicer.

I didn't really get into the hobby until 2018 when I saw a post on Instagram of a color changing ink, which I now know is a sheen ink, it was one from Diamine.
I thought "what magic is this" then I went searching, searching for the ink and bought three bottles all at once thinking it was going to run out and such And then I discovered more inks and more inks accumulating and accumulating and I've already had to slow down.

In terms of brands that I like Platinum I am a big fan of the 3776 , in fact I have three of them, Aurora especially the Optima. I think it's very comfortable, you can fill it with a lot of ink and good for me, as I'm a teacher, to correct essays and so on.
I'm a teacher, so for correcting essays and so on, it's very good for me.

In terms of inks, I'm a big fan of Pilot, Diamine and MontBlanc. But there are new brands that are impressive like TroubleMaker from the Philippine Islands that are doing very innovative things, so I try to get out of my box from time to time to try new things. The best thing is to keep trying and not necessarily read all the reviews and everything from other people because everyone is going to have their own taste and the same with inks I've had periods of blues and oranges always with greens, but I've added other colors over time and I think it's a bit of experimentation.

I don't think you have to spend a thousand dollars to have a good experience. My favorite combination has been my Aurora Optima or the Platinum 3776 Both nets with a vintage ink of
Parker fact which is the Penman Emerald, which you can't find anywhere and I only have one bottle. It's going to be a very sad day when the bottle runs out because it has been my favorite green so far.On September 15, two new inks were released because of the podcast I did with Sailor in North America and these two colors are called Agave which is a, well, I would say blue gray with a little bit of green shading and there's Blue Corn, blue corn, which is a purple. Which reminds me a lot of for example chicha morada, that Peruvian drink and the blue corn totopos that you find in Mexico.

Well, the idea of this line called Deliciosa is that every year there are two inks that connect with the food of the Hispanic World.

Well thank you very much you can find me on networks under the podcast Tinterías Podcast on instagram on the web
and my personal account is DoctorColeman1102.

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