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El tiempo de Alex

El tiempo de Alex

Today in our Iguana Talks we have El Tiempo de Alex, a passionate watchmaker who transmits all his knowledge both by Instagram and Youtube and Tik Tok. Today we are lucky enough to know him a little more, don't miss it!

Read a transcript of the interview below:

Hello, good day! I'm Alex from the El Tiempo de Alex channel. Many thanks to Iguana Sell for inviting me to this talk, to this dynamic that I was familiar with before and already followed, and which I find super interesting for getting to know a bit more about the person behind the channel.

How did I get into the world of horology?

Well, I like to say it was fate, though more accurately, it was curiosity. You see, I had just bought a quartz chronograph from the Lotus brand, but it stopped working after a day or two. As a result, I had to return it, and there were no more similar watches available at that store. They refunded my money.

Now I was eager to own a watch, so I went online to research what I could buy within that price range. That's when I discovered that mechanical watches were also affordable and didn't have to be luxury watches exclusively. So, I bought my Seiko 5 Military, which I had for years and it was a fantastic watch that I loved. It was the watch that made me fall in love with this fabulous world of mechanical horology.

What are my favorite watch brands?

If we're talking about the brand I use the most and the one with the most models I own, I have to go with Seiko without a doubt. However, I also have that feeling, like the typical kid who had a poster of a red Ferrari in his room when he was little, the one car he always loved and considered his dream car... That's what I feel with Omega and Rolex. These brands might not be as practical for everyday wear, but personally, I love them because they're the brands that truly made me fall in love with horology.

Their iconic designs, horological histories, achievements like going to the moon... Those stories transformed horology from a simple hobby into my favorite hobby, one of the things I dedicate the most time to.

What do I enjoy the most about the world of horology?

Undoubtedly, I entered this world because of watches, to learn more, to understand more about it. And in the end, you stay for the people. As you get to know more, you also get to know more people. You meet people who share your same interests, so you can have dialogues, debates, you get different opinions, and this way, you get to know more.

There's nothing like having a hobby and being able to share it with people who have the same interests as you. That's what I take away from this.

If I had to pick one?

Right now, I think I'd go with the Seiko SKY. It's a watch that's increasingly appreciated by enthusiasts, especially since it's been discontinued. But it's a watch that, despite not being perfect, I truly love. It makes me feel great, I like wearing it, I notice the details. So, if I had to pick one, I'd say that the perfect everyday watch for me currently is the Seiko SKX, precisely the 009 Pepsi version.

My dream watch?

In this case, there's no doubt, this question is very easy. It's the Omega Speedmaster 45th-anniversary edition of the Apollo 13 mission. Wow, what a watch! With Snoopy lying down, the first 14 seconds in comic strip form, the back with that handcrafted Snoopy... It's a gem of a watch, and I'd love to own it. Although, I have mixed feelings because I know that once I have it, I'll want another.

But, as of today, if I had to pick a watch that's my dream, it's that one. I love it. Without a doubt, it's a fantastic watch, incredibly beautiful, and getting harder to find each day. So, it remains my dream watch, and I believe it will continue to be for a long time.

Before I say goodbye, I'd like to express my thanks once again to Iguana Sell for inviting me to be a part of this talk, for giving me this space on their channel. Thank you very much, truly. I've been following the talk for a while, find it super interesting, and I hope more colleagues will be joining in the future. Many thanks, and see you in a future video.

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