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Germán Cabrini

Germán Cabrini from ReloGeando

Today Germán from ReloGeando channel, tells us what makes him fall in love with the world of watchmaking, inspiration for many.

Read below a transcript of the interview:

Hello friends. My name is Germán, I have the reloGeando channel and I would like to start this short video thanking Iguana Sell for inviting me to participate in this cycle of watchmaking talks, which I think is a very interesting initiative to get to know each other a little more and share these issues that attract us so much to the world of watches.

And I think that in my case, like many people I know, the world of watches was introduced to us through our parents. In my case the most vivid memory I have of contact with a watch is with a watch that my old man wore. He wore formal clothes to work and had a watch. In fact I have it here and I recently made a video about it, because I restored it recently and I gave him the surprise. It is this Hamilton masterpiece, and the truth is that it is a watch that reminds me a lot of my old man and the admiration I had for how he dressed formally to go to work, how he wore such an elegant watch, in tune with how he dressed.

And from then on I became more and more curious about the world of watches. Then it happened a couple of years ago that this interest in watches was reborn in me, it made an implosion and I began to look for information, to internalize a little more.

And there I discovered the wonder of mechanical watches, those watches that do not use batteries to operate. And to discover that... the truth is that it called me to investigate even more. I saw that there was little information in our language available to really find out these little questions that interest us from different brands and the history of watchmaking. And that was also how reloGeando was born.

And there are many, the truth, the watchmakers that catch my attention, not only for the pieces they make, but also for the history they have and the contributions they have made to the advancement of watchmaking. It is, in short, also those small contributions that are made to science and the art of measuring time, were also contributions that were made for the advancement in some aspects and achievements of civilization.

Some of the most present to me are Zenit, Omega, Rolex, Breguet, Breguet, Cheyene... But of all these, the one that surprises me the most is Seiko, not only for its historical relevance and its impressive technical capacity, but also and especially because it is a watchmaker that is able to offer pieces with an impressive value, orologically speaking, not in all segments of pressure. And I think that's a possibility that virtually no other big player in the watch industry offers.

The perfect everyday watch is, and I think it's not a specific watch, is the one that combines style, functionality and pleasure. In short, for me the ideal watch is the one that I choose when I take to the watch box knowing that during that day every time I see it it will bring a smile to my face.

We all have a grail, we all have a watch that we think that when we get to that watch will end, let's say, our journey in the watchmaking world and we will be satisfied and, somehow, stop collecting. As a watch that gives us the exit from the hobby. I think that actually that is the exit watch, that is the grail to finish the hobby, is a little lie that we have and that we tell ourselves to justify the journey that leads us to that watch, that adventure, that journey that we make within the hobby and that really is the journey what we enjoy.

Personally I think that what fascinates me about some pieces is a conjunction of issues: there is the aesthetics, of course, but there is also the mechanics, the story that comes with that piece, the ingenuity that goes with it and, of course, the ability to surprise and delight me.

Today I can tell you that one of those watches for me is the Omega speedmaster, of course, the iconic watch. But who knows tomorrow if when I get to have that watch, if I get to have it, I will realize that in reality what I enjoyed the most is precisely the fact of the journey that led me to that watch and eventually I think that Omega speedmaster would become a starting point towards my next grail.

It seems to me that the ability that a watch can have to amaze us, to link it to some important moment for us, with some memory, to make us appreciate the work that is in it and, above all, also to entertain us, are some of the things that make us more attached to these objects.

But the most important and what I think that, ultimately, we all enjoy more are the people we meet thanks to this journey we make, through the watchmaking hobby; people with whom, with the excuse of watches, we end up almost without realizing it, making friends. One enters this for the watches, but ends up staying for the people. Friends, thank you very much for joining me until the end of this conversation and, above all and especially, thanks to Iguana Sell for inviting me to be part of this cycle of watchmaking talks. The truth is that I enjoyed it very much and I hope we continue to see each other there.

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