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Luminox watches

July 30, 2020 3 min read

Luminox watches

In 1989, watchmaker Barry Cohen created the brand  Luminox with the aim of offering a completely new luminescence system and better readability for luxury sport watches. Their first watch was ordered directly by the US Navy SEALs elite unit, as they needed a ultra-high-performance, water-resistant watch to keep up with their night activities.Luminox (‘Lumi’ is latin for light while ‘Nox’ is Latin for night) is nowadays a Californian headquartered company well known in the watchmaking industry for their proprietary long-term cutting-edge luminescence and readability.

All Luminox watches are equipped with Luminox Light Technology (LLT)  offering a superior luminosity for up to 25 years, 24/7, in any light condition. Unlike other luminescent watches, Luminox watches do not use a paint which needs to be charged by a light source and fades quickly, or a ‘push to light’ system which uses a battery and therefore needs to be charged as well. The LLT technology was formerly reserved exclusively for military use, and means all Luminox watches feature tiny tritium gas lights (borosilicate glass capsules) which are always lit on the hands, hour markers and, when necessary, bezel. The LLT is a proprietary technology exclusively available for Luminox watches.

For that reason and much more, Luminox watches are currently part of the official equipment for the military elite and police forces of many countries, as well as the favourite brand for sportsmen and adventurers all over the world. At Iguana Sell, we are proud to include Luminox watches in our online catalogue. Find the LuminoxAir, Sea and Land series  here, as well as  their latest collaboration with Bear Grylls (‘Man vs Wild’).

Luminox watches have been valued and worn by maritime experts all over the world for more than thirty years. Their main Sea collections are the  ANU series,  Commando Frogman and Luminox  Sea (a more generic one).

The  A.N.U.collection is derived from the U.S. Navy's ANU programme, which provides a list of diving equipment, tools and accessories. The Luminox A.N.U. watches are tested under the very same strict conditions to guarantee the safety of the divers.

The  Commando Frogman Luminox watches are inspired by the intrepid military divers using this name. These watches are aimedat all military, police and commercial divers, as well as outdoor enthusiasts, and their uni-directional “Dive Time” bezel can display how much time you have left underwater and has a no-decompression scale, so you can calculate how much time you can spend at what depth without having to decompress.

Luminox Sea

The Luminox Land series include cutting edge technology perfect for inside and outside of the water. The  Luminox Land collection features many models created with and supplied to professionals around the world in the military, law enforcement, SWAT teams, border patrols and more.

The  Atacama Adventurer watches are designed to survive even in the driest place on earth, the Atacama desert in Chile.

Finally, if you are looking for a more formal watch but equally high performant, the  Dress Field watches are classic timepieces created in stainless steel, combining rugged yet simple styling with a clean modern look.

Luminox Land

Initially developed for U.S. Air Force pilots flying the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth jets, and now supplied to elite pilots of Air Forces around the world, the  Luminox Air watches were designed by the Lockheed Martin Corporation, the world's largest defense contractor.

The watches of this historic partnership have features exclusively specified by Bear Grylls ('Man vs Wild') to make them useful for him and other adventurers. Equipped with LLT (Luminox Light Technology) and Bear Grylls motto 'Never Give Up' on the dial and caseback.

Luminox x Bear Grylls


Find all of this watches are many more on our website. Also, don’t forget to check out ourLuminox Limited Edition outstanding timepieces, nor hesitate incontacting us if you have any request, question or you need help to choose the perfect Luminox for you -

We will be happy to assist you !

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