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Which watch give to...?

December 04, 2020 4 min read

Watches gift ideas

Which watch give to...?

Watches are more than just a reminder of the time that has passed. They are timeless pieces that mix science, art, technology and design, all concentrated in an instrument that expresses who you are and your way of being. Knowing how to use the right watch for every occasion is synonymous with distinction, which is why at Iguana Sell we want to help you choose the right watch for every moment.

Getting the perfect gift for Christmas is a complicated task, but giving a watch as a present is a sure thing and the best thing of all, for a lifetime. Have you ever thought how many times you can look at the time throughout the day? It is inevitable that when you see or make use of an object that has been given to you, the unconscious memory of that person comes to you.

Watches, without a doubt, have a magical connotation, since they measure time, a concept so abstract that human beings have never been able to control it. That is why we are fascinated by watches, because we can see time through them.

At Iguana Sell we are aware that there are many different types of people, for this reason, we have made a selection of watches for all tastes to give away this Christmas:



Classic and timeless watches are a great gift idea, because they never go out of style. Frederique Constant surprises us with his Frederique Highlife line, models with an original touch, but with a design that preserves the classic essentiality of the brand. 

The Montblanc Heritage GMT automatic watch also offers a classic design with colors that give it a touch of modernity. With a salmon-colored dial and alligator-skin strap, this watch features a blued-steel second hand and a Baton hand for the second time zone. 




For the sporty and adventurous, there are a multitude of watch options, including the Victorinox I.N.O.X Carbon L.E., a truly modern interpretation of traditional Swiss watchmaking combined with an adventurous taste expressed in the camouflage print. 



And finally, any piece of Luminox, but especially the Luminox Bear Grylls line, watches with characteristics chosen exclusively by Bear Grylls, the most recognized face in the world in terms of survival and outdoor adventure.



The technological development and the amount of devices offered to us for our daily life is increasing: smart tv's, tablets, laptops, smartphones and of course, smartwatches. The market for the latter is booming due to its many features, and with this type of watch you can have access to: internet via wifi or bluetooth through the smartphone, payments with the watch, accelerometer, making and receiving calls, receiving and sending emails, listening to music and more. 

In Iguana Sell we propose as a gift idea for those innovative people who are always aware of new technologies the following models: Montblanc Summit 2Frederique Constant Vitality (available with stainless steel braceletblack silicone strap or pink gold plated.) 



For watch collectors looking for limited edition models, we can offer you in others, the following gift options: the U-boat Classico Special Edition, a watch limited to 300 units worldwide with a robust and bold design. A younger model would be the Eterna Super KonTiki, a very versatile watch with two extra straps ideal for different types of occasions. Finally, for the more classic collectors we recommend the Meistersinger Astroscope.


Whether it is for work or for pleasure, there are people who cannot stand still in one place. For this reason, we offer you a selection of watches for the most travellers. Starting with the Citizen Satellite Wave GPs Sky Premier, a 40-hour worldtimer watch, with geographic position reception, GPS and dual time use with simultaneous vision, a perfect watch to be constantly moving from place to place. 



On the other hand, we also offer you the Delma Oceanmaster Antarctica, a watch with a tactical planner, sail point indicator and a robust nautical bezel.



For those people who are bored by the everyday and simple, we show you a series of unique and special watches. Starting with the U-Boat brand we can highlight their Capsoil Darkmoon model, a watch with a dial that is completely immersed in oil that lubricates and creates a compensation bubble that amplifies the vision of the hands. 

Continuing with Eone, we can highlight its Bradley Element Black model, a watch without hands, but with embossed markers that allow you to feel time when you touch it thanks to magnetized ball bearings that move along the face of the watch. 
Finally, any Dietrich model, does not leave anyone indifferent to its hexagonal stainless steel dials that makes it unique and original watchesun reloj con una esfera que está completamente inmersa en aceite que lubrica y crea una burbuja de compensación que amplifica la visión de las manecillas. 

Uboat Capsoil y Dietrich Time Companion 


Only the best brands of minimalist watches have the capacity to produce designs that fit perfectly with this trend, offering models that visually seduce and renounce most of the elements that define a watch. 

For these lovers of simplicity and functionality, in Iguana Sell we recommend brands such as Junghans, which have models as spectacular as the Junghans Meister Worldtimer, a watch that shows 24 time zones while maintaining a pure line and a minimalist dial.

Another ideal option is thee Anonimo Epurato, which with a refined look and inspired by the elegant Florentine aesthetics shows us a simple and functional watch. And finally the Meistersinger Neo, a watch that experiences the design of classic modernity with a particularly fine case and a simple classic line.

Minimalist watches


For more gift ideas, please visit our website. At Iguana Sell you will find a wide collection of pieces in stock that can be purchased with 24 hour express shipping.

And, of course, if you require more information or wish to place an order, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can write us an email, or visit our shop in Madrid, in Núñez de Balboa 90. It will be a pleasure to help you.

We are waiting for you!

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