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Find the right watch for your style

October 06, 2021 4 min read

Find the right watch for your style

The personality of the watch

Finding the perfect watch is an important decision. When doing so, you need to evaluate its features, its functions and, above all, its style. There are many different styles of watches, so before you buy a watch you should get to know them all so that you can choose the right one for you. Below you will learn about different watch styles that can serve as a guide when it comes to finding the ideal watch.


relojes clasicos

Junghans Max Bill, Roamer Searock and Zeppelin Graf

This is the style of watch that is appropriate for any occasion, the one that never fails. It's a style that many watch houses go for.

Their designs are usually clean and elegant, being a functional piece as well as an accessory. Their dials are characterised by an attractive design and can be found on both steel bracelets and leather straps. For lovers of modern classics, we suggest brands such as Junghans.


gmt watches

Sinn 857, Frederique Constant Classics and Porsche Design 1919

GMT watches were born so that travellers could calculate what time it was in the place where they were.

If you still don't know how the GMT system works, don't hesitate to read our blog which tells you everything you need to know about these watches.

The style of these watches is reflected in their dial. All of them usually have a third hand, normally in red, which is in charge of indicating the second time zone.


aviator watches

Citizen Crono Aviator and AVI-8 Hawker Hunter Retrograde

This style was born with the aim of helping pilots in their flights, allowing them to calculate the remaining hours to reach their destination. The main characteristics of aviator watches are:

-Large dial which facilitates the legibility of the watch, to ensure its simplicity.

-Illumination, the luminous indicators of these models are usually one of the most powerful on the market to ensure legibility.

-Large crown size, aviator watches usually have a larger crown size to ensure that it can be operated while wearing gloves.

-Some pilot's watches have additional markings on the bezel, which help with calculations such as fuel consumption and wind correction angles.

-Many of these watches now include a dual time or GMT function to track multiple time zones or coordinated universal time.

In principle these models have a robust and unadorned appearance. Today, there are aviator watches that are produced with tachymeters and other practical tools for flying.

More and more brands are designing these models on the basis of advice and requests from pilots.


sport watches

Junghans 1972 Chronoscope and Montjuic Special

The sport style is one of the favorites when choosing the perfect watch. They are usually inspired by motor racing, following an aesthetic in which the colours black, white and red predominate.

At Iguana Sell you may find a wide variety of sports watches. Don't miss out on Momo and Porsche Design. These two last brands were born in the world of motor racing. This is why these pieces usually include additional functions like chronometer & tachymeter.


diver watches

Citizen Promaster Aqualand and Delma Diver Blue Shark III

The Diver style is also related to sport. Many brands include water-resistance in their watches, allowing you to submerge them underwater and even dive with them.

You can learn more about the water resistance of your watch in our blog about the water resistance of a watch.

Diving watches usually have large cases, with a very resistant glass. Furthermore, they usually include a rotating bezel that tells us how much time we have been diving. These pieces are often fitted with Superluminova, allowing you to read the time underwater.

If this is your style, your collection should include a Glycine Combat Sub or a U-boat.

You can learn more about diver watches on our blog: Diver and submersible watches


field watches

Luminox Bear Grylls Survival and Luminox Atacama Adventurer

Field watches were invented in 1880 to help militaries in the battlefield. Their popularity was achieved during the First World War due to the demands of soldiers for reliable and easy-to-wear timepieces. Trench fighting required quick responses and timing. Therefore, these watches are generally small and easy to wear.

In addition, the conditions in the trenches required water-resistant and shock-resistant watches. Military watches quickly developed their style: robust, functional and without many trims.

Luminox achieves the ideal representation of this style in its Atacama and Land models.


functional watches

Mondaine SBB Giant Backlight

Functional watches stand out for their simplicity and minimalism.Its designs are sober and timeless, achieving functional pieces where quality predominates over design. This is why they usually feature additional functions like chronograph, a third second hand and even digital systems.


singlehand watches

Meistersinger Urban Tobacco

Simplicity becomes a watch in the single-hand models. This style of watch is able to perform its function without the minute and second hands.

Designed for those who do not count every second of their days, each index on their dial is equivalent to five minutes, so they are easier to read than they look.

The originality of their design has made them the perfect piece for collectors.

The German brand Meistersinger is the ultimate expression of this movement.


skeleton watches

Ingersoll Herald Skeleton

Skeleton watches are those watches whose dial shows the movement of the watch. Sometimes it is the entire dial, sometimes a small cut-out allows you to enjoy its mechanism. You can explore more about skeleton watches in our blog entry: Skeleton watches.



Frederique Constant Vitality

These are watches that have the particularity of synchronising and linking with our smartphone through the Android or IOS system.

More brands are incorporating this type of technology in their catalogues.Their additional functions tend to vary, but these watches usually have functions such as activity and sleep tracking, mobile notifications, cloud storage, smart alarms and automatic adaptation to time zones.

All featured brands and watches are available at Iguana Sell.

Also, feel free to visit our boutique at Núñez de Balboa 90, Madrid to discover our watch collection.

If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be pleased to help you

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