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Skeleton watches

February 11, 2021 3 min read

Skeleton watches

Skeleton watches are those mechanical watches whose mechanism can be seen through the dial. They are, in watchmaking, similar to a "demonstrator" pen when it comes to writing instruments. That is to say, an article that reveals its own functioning, making it a curious object in great demand among collectors all over the world.

Skeletonised watches also require unparalleled precision and craftsmanship in their manufacture, as the watchmaker must remove any metal, gear or mechanical parts which are not fundamental to the movement itself, thus leaving only a minimal part of the watch's components. This involves a long and tedious process that only a few specialised watchmakers can carry out successfully. It is also common to find pieces decorated in relief, inlaid with precious stones or noble metals such as gold, being these pieces of exquisite luxury.

Skeleton watches originally originated when pocket watches were first developed. Their style has evolved over the centuries, to the point where they are now considered to be a somewhat flamboyant item, linked in some ways to punk and rock aesthetics. The first Skeleton watch was created by watchmaker André-Charles Caron, around 1760, who managed to capture the attention of his French courtier clients by revealing more of the mechanism of the watches he was creating.

At Iguana Sell we have a wide variety of Skeleton timepieces available, in a range of price points, styles, and brands. We're sure you''ll find the perfect Skeleton watch for you!


Ingersoll Jazz Automatic watch Moonphase

Ingersoll watches

Relojes Automaticos Ingersoll Shelby, Jazz y Director

From left to right, the watches: Ingersoll Jazz (silver), Ingersoll Shelby (blue) and Ingersoll Director (black)

Robert H Ingersoll and his brother Charles founded the Ingersoll Watch Company in New York in 1892 with the aim of creating timepieces of outstanding quality and precision at an affordable price. The brand became popular soon after thanks to their Dollar Watch, an automated line production line for watches which were sold for $1 at the time (a day’s wages).

Today, the American brand is well known for their Skeleton watches, and without a doubt one of the most affordable options if you are considering purchasing one. Skeletonised Ingersoll watches can be found in the collections 1892 (the brand's main collection), Chronicle (inspired by the first artisans who created Ingersoll watches) and Discovery (sports inspired).


Dial of the watch: Ingersoll Herald Skeleton

At Iguana Sell you can find a wide range of Skeleton Ingersoll mechanical watches - profit from our 24h shipping for all products in stock!

Raymond Weil watches

Reloj automatico Raymond Weil

From left to right, the automatic models: Raymond Weil Maestro Skeleton and Raymond Weil Freelancer

Raymond Weil is another of our favourite brands specialised in Skeleton watches. Raymond Weil is a Swiss family-owned business which creates luxury timepieces of the highest quality, in accordance with the national watchmaking tradition. The brand is also known for its "in-house" developed mechanisms, i.e. produced by the company's own watchmakers and unique to the firm. For these reasons, Raymond Weil Skeleton watches are particularly noteworthy. Firstly, for the uniqueness of their movement, and secondly for the fact that they require experienced watchmakers and a high level of complexity for their development.

Raymond Weil timepieces are of a much higher value than Ingersoll watches, and can be considered more luxurious and, somewhat collector's pieces. We can completely skeletonised movements or pieces which show the movement through only a window in the dial.


Automatic watch Raymond Weil Maestro Skeleton

If you would like to know more about Skeleton watches, then please do not hesitate to visit our  website. And, of course, if you require more information or want to place your order, do not hesitate  to contact us.

It will be a pleasure to help you!

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