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Visconti Pens

August 17, 2023 5 min read

Visconti Pens


The history of  Visconti begins in 1988 in Florence, Italy, where its founders Luigi Poli and Dante del Vecchio decided to join forces and dedicate themselves to their true passion: the creation of luxury writing instruments. Visconti articles perfectly represent the values of design, creativity, craftsmanship and innovation so characteristic of Italian luxury products.

Each Visconti piece tells a story of art, archaeology, philosophy, mathematics or literature among others, so that they cease to be a simple writing instrument and become works that show new artistic expressions and communicate deep emotions.

Visconti uses a technique called Scrimshaw to make its pieces, which was originally used to create refined incisions in small objects. Now, the Italian company uses it to shape the bodies and caps of its prestigious fountain pens.

Something very characteristic of Visconti's pieces is that each person can order the writing instrument that fits perfectly with their hand and that fits their aesthetic tastes, thanks to Atelier's pieces, which are designed and handmade by its master craftsmen. Its team of experts helps each person to choose the material, the colors and the decorative details of the piece, giving the possibility, to each person, to get a unique and unrepeatable piece. In fact, Visconti gives the possibility of replacing the metal disc with the logo that appears on the ends of its pieces with a semi-precious stone or the symbol that each person wants: the initials of the name, the sign of the zodiac or any other symbol that makes the piece more special. 

The Italian house surprises us with different writing tools that stand out for their originality and beauty:  fountain pens,  rollers,  ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils  and  pen cases.



The use of color is what most characterizes the work of Vincent Van Gogh, and Visconti wanted to pay tribute to this Dutch artist, reproducing the colors of his canvases in the writing pieces, thus achieving one of the most iconic collections of the Italian firm. 

Visconti Van Gogh Wheatfield with Crows Set , Limited Ed., KP12-12-FP

Set Visconti  Van Gogh Wheatfield with Crows

These pieces convey the emotions that Van Gogh reflected through the strength of his colors, the impulsiveness of his lines and the choice of his themes. Each of them is inspired by a painting by Van Gogh, highlighting such important works by the artist:  The Starry Night, The Sunflowers,  Van Gogh's Chair,  Wheatfield with Crows or  Irises.



Paying homage this time to Rembrandt, Visconti is inspired by the acclaimed chiaroscuro technique so characteristic of the Dutch painter, creating resin pieces that imitate Rembrandt's magical use of light and shadow.

Visconti Rembrandt Twilight Fountain Pen, Violet, Black, KP10-13-FP

The chiaroscuro inspired Visconti Rembrandt Twilight Fountain Pen


Once again using the ocean as an inspiring element, the  Opera collection shows us pieces that transport us to the islands full of vegetation, white beaches and crystalline waters so inspiring for the work of Paul Gauguin. This collection is one of Visconti's technical masterpieces.

Visconti Opera Master Polinesia Rollerball pen, Blue, Ed, Limited, KP28-01-RB

The incredible blue tonalities of the Visconti Homo Sapiens Opera Master Polynesia


Breeze is an explosion of vibrant colors, offering neon pieces that have made this collection the most fun and daring of Visconti. Its pieces stand out for their good value for money and for their bright colors that leave no one indifferent: pink, orange, yellow, blue and violet are some of the colors in which we can find these crazy writing tools.


From left to right, Visconti Breeze Mandarin, Lemon, Cherryand Lime


Divina is Visconti's most elegant and sophisticated collection. The pieces in this line are inspired by the four elements of nature: air, fire, earth and water, from which a supernatural fifth emerges and are largely characterized by their silver inlays, inserted one by one by hand. Although its manufacturing process is long and tedious, the result is a unique and refined writing jewel.


Detail of the silver inlays of the Visconti Divina Black Silver


Homo Sapiens is one of the most renowned collections by Visconti. It celebrates the invention of writing more than 5000 years ago and its pieces are designed according to the Da Vinci's Divine Proportions. We can find pieces made in resin or lava, which is such  an atipical material.

Visconti Lava Crystal Dream and Bronze

Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal Dream Double Reservoir Lava and Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Bronze


The  Crystal Dream,  Lava Dark,  Lava Color and  Lava Bronze, made with lava from Mount Etna together with resin that catalyzes through a secret formula of Visconti.


The incredible light reflects of the Visconti Homo Sapiens Blue Lagoon Limited Edition Fountain Pen

The Homo Sapiens limited editions made of resin like the  Blue Lagoon, which is inspired by the majesty and strength of the ocean or the  Midnight in Florence, an exclusive piece inspired by the mysterious midnight beauty of the Italian city.


The Medici Collection is dedicated to one of the most important and powerful Italian dynasties that led the Florentine golden age. The shape of their pieces was designed following the principles of golden proportion. They are made of a combination of resin and silk fiber reminiscent of the exquisite Florentine stone mosaics that visitors can admire in most Medici villas.



Deep brown tones of the Visconti Medici Rose Gold Fountain Pen

Like the pieces in the Medici line, the Pentagon collection shows us wide pieces with proportions that tend towards the golden number, but maintaining a percentage of imprecision that is typical of human nature.


Visconti creates, with the Mirage collection, pieces that at first sight seem as intangible as air and yet as hard as stone. This line features a delicate marbling in the resin, creating an effect of changing colors that accentuate the uniqueness of the Mirage pens.


The special manufacture of the cap and body of the pieces in the Vertigo collection creates flat reflective surfaces that blend with each other, causing a continuous change of views, with changes in perspective that almost cause a feeling of vertigo.


Detail of the Visconti Vertigo Fountain Pen, which features a magnetic closing system

In addition Visconti also offers a series of top quality leather cases in different sizes and colors. For its elaboration, Visconti was inspired by the land of exquisite leather craftsmanship, Tuscany, where all its leather pieces are manufactured by Italian craftsmen. 

If you want to know more about this magnificent Italian writing house, do not hesitate to visit our website. At Iguana Sell in Madrid, you will find an extensive collection of Visconti pieces in stock that can be purchased with 24 hour express shipping.
And, of course, if you require more information or wish to place an order, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can write us an email, or visit our store in Madrid, in Núñez de Balboa 90. It will be a pleasure to help you.
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