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New Brand Tonino Lamborghini

August 17, 2023 2 min read

Tonino Lamborghini

At Iguana Sell, we are pleased to introduce the new brand that joins our catalog, none other than Tonino Lamborghini. Speaking of the Lamborghini family means talking about one of the most globally recognizable Italian symbols. Creators of an empire, the Lamborghini family began in 1947 as a mechanical and automotive company, and today, they hardly know limits in the market they aren't willing to cross.

Tonino Lamborghini  Logo

And today, there's hardly anyone who doesn't recognize the iconic charging bull logo of the Miura. Both the bull figure and the edge of the logo are presented in black against a red background, forming a shield with three points. It is said that Ferruccio originally chose the animal based on his zodiac sign. However, the choice of this symbol is intimately linked to the spirit of both Ferruccio Lamborghini and his successors and his brand: a strong, bold personality always ready to act.

Heritage and innovation

This is something that is always present in their products and goods, as well as a Made in Italy design and a deep passion for traditions, innovation, and mechanics. This drive and impetus to go further is what led Ferruccio's son and heir, Tonino Lamborghini, to found his lifestyle and accessories company in 1981. While at that time he was assisting his father in the Lamborghini group business, he followed his need to undertake something of his own, outside the world of automobiles. And what better than his passion for fashion and accessories?

Tonino Lamborghini style and accessories

Inspired by his family heritage in mechanical elements, alongside his taste for design and engineering, he has created an incredible and vast range of luxury products. He has also ventured into various frontiers, from golf carts and phones to hotels and real estate projects, and has a significant market dedicated to typically Italian drinks and foods like coffee, wine, and pasta.

Reloj Tonino Lamborghini

Because if there's one thing Tonino has always pursued, it's the Italian spirit and style – values that are evident in each of the fashion and style accessories of the brand. This is what led us at Iguana Sell to include it in our catalog. Given their mechanical heritage, all their watch collections are inspired by the design of luxury sports cars, from the shape and style of their cases to the choice of colours and materials. These are pieces full of details for all those passionate about automobiles, sports, luxury, design, and above all, entrepreneurship. 

Just as they have demonstrated throughout their history, this family and company have a lot of innovation to offer and always surprise with new projects and challenges. This is also something to expect from the current CEO, Ferruccio Lamborghini, who, like his grandfather, is a fan of speed and motorcycling. And just like his father, he's a great entrepreneur with his eyes on the future, while keeping the history and traditions close at hand.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team. We'll be delighted to assist you!

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