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5 unique works by Vincent Van Gogh

June 23, 2023 3 min read

5 unique works by Vincent Van Gogh

Since its inception, Visconti and its craftsmen have drawn inspiration from both art and nature for each of their designs. Characterized by creativity and passion, it's no wonder that one of their most cherished writing collections is dedicated to the work of painter Vincent Van Gogh. And since this year marks the 170th anniversary of his birth, what better time to honor him?

5 unique works by Vincent Van Gogh

But who was Vincent Van Gogh? He was one of the early and leading representatives of post-impressionist painting, along with artists such as Cézanne and Gauguin.

Through the use of color and formal freedom, he portrayed his personal and subjective perception of the world around him. He managed to evoke his emotions through colorful, precise, and free brushstrokes. It is in tribute to all this that the Italian brand has developed the Van Gogh collection.


In this collection, each piece captures the spirit, colors,and brushstrokes behind Van Gogh's paintings, following the unconventional spirit of the artist. The technique used to produce this natural resin, along with the faceted body and cap, adds an extra luminosity perfect for glimpsing the artwork on these fountain pens, and each pen has a unique finish.

The beautiful box that houses the piece features an image of the dedicated artwork on the top, with an appearance and texture that emulates oil on canvas. The kits are complemented by a bookmark featuring the painting, and in the case of the fountain pens, a specially designed and combined inkwell for each artwork.


The collection is extensive, and you will surely find your favorite painting, but let's review the pieces from Van Gogh's most renowned artworks.


One of his most well-known works, if not the most, is The Starry Night.


Starry Night

Visconti Van Gogh Starry Night  Fountain Pen

It was painted in 1889 from a room in the asylum in Saint-Rémy, where the artist was recovering from a mental illness and the amputation of his ear. While he depicted the view from the same window numerous times, this was the only nocturnal representation. The piece comes with a stainless steel nib and includes a converter, and the accompanying inkwell is the color of the night sky. It has a magnetic closure.


Another one of his famous works is "Vase with Fourteen Sunflowers".


Visconti Van Gogh Sunflowers Roller

These flowers became his personal signature, as well as the characteristic bright yellow. In fact, in one of his letters to his brother, he stated, "the sunflower is mine." Another well-known work by Gauguin, "The Painter of Sunflowers," portrays Van Gogh while he was working on his canvas..


In his work "Café Terrace at Night," he once again showcases these characteristic colors despite depicting the darkest moment of the day. He even said, "The night is more alive and more richly colored than the day".

Cafè Terrace at Night

Visconti Van Gogh "Cafè Terrace at Night" Fountain Pen

His iconic starry sky appears for the first time in this painting, and according to astronomical data, the positions of the stars are accurate. The establishment depicted was called "Café Terrace" during the painter's time, later renamed as "Café Van Gogh".


This work may be less known to the general public, but not to art enthusiasts: Oiran. Attracted by the art of the Far East and seeking to master the style of traditional Japanese prints, he based this piece on one by Kesai Eisen.


Visconti Van Gogh Oiran Fountain pen set

It features a stainless steel nib with gold PVD and is a special edition inscribed with "Van Gogh." The set is completed with a purple ink, one of the many shades of the traditional kimono worn by the courtesan.


Another color commonly associated with the painter and his works is blue, as in the case of this "Self-Portrait".

Self Portrait

Visconti Van Gogh Portrait Ballpoint pen 

Although he created more than 30 self-portraits throughout his life, this one was one of the most acclaimed and the last, painted just months before his death. The rhythm, color, and vibrancy of the background, reminiscent of "Starry Night," seem to resonate within the figure, creating a pulsating pattern while showcasing masterful control.

Remember that these are just a small part of the collection. What are your favorite painting and piece?

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team. We'll be delighted to assist you!

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