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Black Friday 2023: Writing Guide

November 21, 2023 3 min read

Black Friday 2023: Writing Guide

Tomorrow is Black Friday! Like every year, we've been thinking about the biggest sales of the year for weeks, and if you're like us, you'll want to have everything ready to be the fastest and get all the pieces you want.

Black Friday 2023 Writing Guide

Both for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, speed is key, as it can make the difference between getting the piece you desire at the best price or missing out. So, by this point, you may already have everything planned and know what you want. Still, if you're one of those who want it all and are still undecided, we're here to help.

And if you already have your wish list… Let us tempt you.

Let's expand your collection!


If you're drawn to craftsmanship and ancient techniques, Japanese art fountain pens surely have your attention. And what better occasion to acquire a handmade piece of Urushi, maki-e, or raden?

n 1. Namiki Chinkin Pine Tree

n 2.Taccia Miyabi Maki-e Winter's Breath


Enthusiasts of calligraphy, journaling, lettering, and a strong inclination towards aesthetics? If you enjoy doing things yourself and love details and naturalness, you should consider models like the Esterbrook JR Pumpkin Latte. Simultaneously, especially for those who take notes and want to be ready to jot down their ideas anywhere and anytime, the Pilot Capless is a must.

n 3. Pilot Capless

n 4.Esterbrook JR Pumpkin Latte


These are great options for those who don't want to go wrong or take risks by innovating on this occasion, and above all, they are key pieces that should not be missing in any collection. What is a classic if not a proven and beloved success? Of course, the traditional Sailor 1911 Realo in a somewhat more unique colour and a Pelikan Souverän M 600, a staple in any of its available colours.

n 5. Pelikan Souverän M 600

n 6. Sailor 1911 Series Realo


For art and design enthusiasts, there are fountain pens that pay special attention to their shape, like the Caran d’Ache Varius Ceramic. There are also pens that delve into the realm of painting and are dedicated to renowned artists and their works, like the Visconti Van Gogh "Starry Night".

n 7. Caran d’Ache Varius Ceramic Black

n 8. Visconti Van Gogh Starry Night

Iguana Sell Black Friday Gift Guide


If you believe aesthetics are a means of expression, are drawn to bold and unique textures and designs, and are interested in one-of-a-kind pieces, these fountain pens might be your perfect choice. Montegrappa Skull n Roses, with gothic decoration and tattoo-style engraving, is one option, and the limited edition Caran d’Ache Varius dedicated to architect and designer Peter Marino is another. Lastly, the Tibaldi Infrangibile Peacock stands out with its use of colour, emphasizing and combining in stripes.

n 9. Caran d’Ache Varius Peter Marino

n 10. Montegrappa Skull n Roses

n 11. Tibaldi Infrangibile Peacock Blue


If you're drawn to the aesthetics of past decades, retro colours, and designs, you can celebrate nostalgia and incorporate it into your collection with any of these pieces. The mint green Montegrappa Armonia Duetto, the Aurora Duo-Cart inspired by vintage fountain pen designs, and the colours and tortoiseshell style of the Tibaldi Nº60 Amber Yellow.

n 12. Montegrappa Armonia Duetto Neo Mint

n 13. Aurora Duo-Cart

n 14. Tibaldi Nº60 Amber Yellow


Dedicated to characters and storylines that have made history? Absolutely, and these fountain pens are full of details that will captivate any discerning fan. For those unafraid of danger and power, Montegrappa offers the Eye of Sauron Middle-Earth, and for those who want to stay on the path of the anonymous hero, the incredible Batman Limited Edition.

n 15. Montegrappa LOTR Eye of Sauron Middle-Earth

n 16. Montegrappa Batman


If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team; we'll be happy to assist you!

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