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10 tips for the maintenance of a watch

March 31, 2021 4 min read

tips for maintaining automatic watch

How to take care of my watchmaking products?

Watches are delicate pieces and, as such, they need some care so that their useful life is as long as possible and they can maintain the same precision as in their early years. At Iguana Sell, we want to offer you a series of basic tips for all watchmaking pieces, whether they are automatic or quartz watches.


1. Wear it correctly.

It is recommended to wear the watch on the wrist opposite to the hand with which we write (to avoid scratches on the dial and wear of the strap) and adjusted but without being uncomfortable or tight.

2. Store it in a suitable place.

It is advisable to store watches in a place where they can be protected, such as their original box, thus avoiding any type of fall or scratch. In addition, it is important never to store it upside down or together with other accessories, as friction can cause it to wear out.


At Iguana Sell, all watches are new and include their original packaging. In the image above, Victorinox Alliance Automatic Watch

3. Maintain a cleaning routine. 

It is important to clean our watch to keep it in good condition. Watches easily accumulate dirt from wearing them, or dust from not wearing them. For this reason, the ideal is to regularly wipe the case and bracelet or strap with a dry cotton cloth to remove dust and traces of sweat. If the watch is water-resistant and the strap is not made of leather, you can do it with a cloth dampened in water for a more thorough cleaning.

4. Avoid bumps and accessories that may cause scratches.

Although it seems like a no-brainer, watches should be treated with care. Hard knocks and drops can cause scratches, broken glass or internal watch damage. To prevent these problems, it is best to remove the watch for sports or wear watches suitable for such activities. Brands such as Victorinox or Luminox offer a wide collection of quartz and automatic watches designed for the most extreme conditions.


Brands such as Victorinox or Luminox manufacture watches that resist even the most extreme situations. In the image, the automatic watch Victorinox I.N.O.X with its bumper.


5. Keep it away from substances and chemicals. 

Creams, soaps, detergents and perfumes can damage the case or strap of a watch, especially if it is made of leather. In addition, prolonged direct sunlight directly on the watch can cause discoloration.

6. Check its water-resistance.

It is essential to check the water resistance of any watch before submerging it in water, as some factors such as humidity can damage it. At Iguana Sell we recommend checking it every 12 months, preferably before summer. In the case of automatic watches, unless the watch brand allows otherwise, it is advisable not to press the buttons responsible for the operation of the chronograph under water. If we press them, water could enter and damage the watch. For watches with screw-down crowns, make sure that the crown is properly screwed down before getting into the water.

7. Continuous overhaul. 

Especially in the case of automatic watches, it is advisable to have them serviced every 4 years, since with time watches stop working as they should. In the case of quartz watches, it is advisable to change the battery every 2 years, even if it is not exhausted. In this way, we avoid a sudden stop of the watch and prevent possible problems caused by a non-functioning battery. If the battery is dead, it is best to replace it as soon as possible, as it can become sulfated and seriously damage the movement of the watch.

8. Use it periodically.

Watches are intended to run continuously. The escapement of a normal movement is capable of registering 2,488 million alternations in a single day without being damaged. Keeping a watch running is the best way to ensure that its lubricants do not solidify and, as a result, the mechanism becomes maladjusted.

9. Take care of the strap.

Especially if it is made of leather, since leather is a delicate natural material to handle in hot climates. It is advisable not to tighten the band too much to avoid unnecessary tension and let the watch rest, i.e., take it off at bedtime so that both the wrist and the strap can breathe. For people who regularly practice water sports, the rubber strap is perfect, as it does not absorb sweat or moisture.

Leather strap automatic watch

Leather straps are elegant yet fresh, They can last for years in perfect conditions if we take care of them properly.

10. Remove it before going to sleep.

While we sleep we are not aware of our movements and this can cause a bump on the watch or a scratch on its dial or any other visible detail. Leaving it on the bedside table at night can be a good option to avoid unnecessary scares. 


All these tips we provide you with are very reasonable measures and easy to comply with a little care. As much as we talk about the danger of water, the sun or that magnets are dangerous, we must remember that these are preventive measures and that watches are tougher than we may think. The best thing to do is to wear it carefully, but without fear. It will be the best way to enjoy these special pieces.

 If you want to know more tips on watch care, feel free to visit our website and our upcoming blogs. In our boutique you will find a wide collection of watches in stock that you can buy with 24-hour express delivery.

And, of course, if you require more information or wish to place your order, do not hesitate to contact us. You can write us an email, or visit our store in Madrid, in Núñez de Balboa 90. It will be a pleasure to help you.
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