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Citizen watches

March 11, 2021 4 min read

Citizen AV0080-88A

Number one in watchmaking since 1924

Time began to be measured by  Citizen in 1924, when the first pocket watch was made at the Shokosha Research Institute in Japan.

The mayor at that time of Tokyo, the city still today headquarters of the parent company Citizen Watch Co. Ltd., baptized this new Citizen watch, in the hope that this object, until then considered to be of great luxury and therefore only reserved for a minority, could become available to all citizens.

Since its founding,  Citizen has fostered a multicultural mindset, source of excellence and creativity. From the beginning, they have assumed the responsibility to contribute to positive changes in society and to evolve through their art.

As true watchmakers,Citizen employs an integrated manufacturing process that ranges from the design of the individual components of each watch to final assembly. It is a craft approach based on expanding technological limits and using all your experience to explore new possibilities.

The following 84 years included innovations such as radio-controlled clocks and clocks with satellite time synchronization. Another exceptional creation was the revolutionary development of  Eco-Drive technology. Citizen pioneered this technology in 1976, far ahead of other manufacturers. Using electricity generated from any light source, this extraordinary innovation forever changed the source of power for watches. Eco-Drive technology eliminated the need to replace batteries, an especially important advantage in many hard-to-obtain areas, and put the pleasure of owning a Citizen watch within the reach of many more people, making the experience even more memorable.

Citizen Promaster

The  Citizen Promaster collection was launched in 1989 with three ranges: Aqualand, Altichron and Promaster Sky.

TheCitizen Promaster Aqualand revolutionized the world of professional diving because, for the first time in diving history, a brand had achieved a true diver's wristwatch. It carried a digital depth gauge, powered by three lithium batteries and the rear case sealed with six screws.

Today,Citizen Promaster Aqualandwatches remain one of the highest rated watches in the diving world. They are watches with good finishes, very functional and with a quality / price that is very difficult to beat.

Get to know more about this collection  here.


Citizen Super Titanium

Super Titaniums are the perfect solution to keep your watch scratch-free even with everyday use, thanks to Citizen's patented Duratect surface hardening technology. Super Titanium watches are also hypoallergenic, resistant to corrosion and salt water, and up to 40% lighter than those made of steel.

Another development that bears witness to Citizen's relentless search for improvement, gives Super Titanium an unusual luminosity through a platinum finishing process.



Light reflects off the platinum-treated surface, giving visual effects of extraordinary brilliance and liveliness, emphasizing the difference between glossy and satin surfaces, and the lines that characterize the case and bracelet design. The Super Titanium PTIC platinum finish makes it even more valuable, a material already equipped with exceptional virtues.

Citizen Radio Controlled

Citizen launched the world's first multi-channel radio controlled watch in 1993, and has continued to be a pioneer in the field ever since, achieving a margin of error of 1 second every 100,000 years.  Citizen Radio Controlled watches receive the radio signal from an atomic clock to set the time correctly.


Detail of the back of the case in a Citizen Radio Controlled with ECO-DRIVE movement

Citizen Satellite Wave

Satellite Wave models have an extremely accurate time measurement system thanks to their coverage of 40 time zones.


Detail of Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Sky Premierwatch with ECO-DRIVE technology

It doesn't matter if you're exploring the desert, cruising the oceans, or climbing the highest mountains, your Satellite Wave watch will make sure you always have the correct time.

Citizen OF

The  On Focus (OF) collection includes classic models with a modern touch, in a wide variety of diameters, colors and movements. Of it are part:

  • CitizenChrono Urban watches: with a light-charging Eco-Drive movement with a 270-day reserve.
  • Citizen Chrono Aviator watches: with a light-charging Eco-Drive movement with a 150-day reserve. Chronograph up to 60 minutes.
  • CitizenChrono Sport watches: with a light-charging Eco-Drive movement with a 270-day reserve. Chronograph at 1/5 of a second up to 60 minutes.
Citizen OF Chrono Urban
Citizen OF Chrono Aviator
Citizen OF Chrono Sport Automatic Watch

Citizen Lady

Citizen Ladywatches have all the functionality, resistance and technological advances of Citizen in a feminine key. In the image below, a Citizen Lady quartz watch with ECO-DRIVE technology.



If you want to know more about  Citizen watches, do not hesitate to visit our website. At Iguana Sell in Madrid, you will find a wide collection of  Citizen pieces in stockthat you can buy with 24-hour express shipping.
And, of course, if you require more information or want to place your order, do not hesitate  to contact us. You can write us  an email, or visit our store in Madrid, at Núñez de Balboa 90. It will be a pleasure to help you.

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