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Taccia Fountain pens

June 05, 2020 3 min read

Taccia Fountain pens

I believe pens are the perfect accessory and an intimate form of communication often lost in this Internet age” – Shu-jen Lin

Taccia is a Japanese company of writing instruments created in 2003 by fashion designer Shu-jen Lin. The idea behind this brand was to develop high quality yet affordable and aesthetically pleasasing pieces. According to creator Shu-jen Lin, a pen, just like a watch or a car, can help define a person’s character or style, as is therefore part of all this non-verbal communication that people are pursuing when buying a luxury item.

Taccia offers several lines which will suit any type of customer, whatever his or her genre, age, the price that are considering paying or the level of exclusivity that are searching for in a pen.


The  Convenant,  Spectrum and  Pinnacle lines are undoubtedly Taccia’s best sellers. These colorful and affordable pens feature a stainless-steel nib, but can also be found with a 14K gold nib for some collections (email us for more info).

  • The  Taccia Convenant line is based on the brand’s original desire of achieving innovation with stylish pieces. The Convenant pens are perfectly built of traditional hand-turned resin and feature a cap which is uniquely designed to house the full barrel when closed.
  • The  Spectrum collection comes in three different semi-translucent colors and feature a perfectly proportioned cigar shape. Light yet sturdy, the Spectrum pens are widely popular among our clients, and so one of our best sellers.
  • And last but not least, the  Taccia Pinnacle fountain pens are crafted from anodized aluminum for a durable industrial pen. Strong lines anchor the barrel, which provides a very functional grip and make the pen very comfortable when writing. The Pinnacle line is inspired by mountain peaks and the sky, and they come in three different colors which recreate so.


Taccia’s special and limited editions are also highly appreciated and demanded by pen’s enthusiasts all over the world. These special edition pens are often hand-crafted using Japanese ancestral techniques such as  urushi lacquering or  raden, which make them highly valuable collector’s items. You can find at Iguana Sell the  Kaku-Tate,  Horizon,  Reserve,  Tanto and  Savanna series.  

(Discover more about the different traditional Japanese hand-crafting techniques on  this blog post).

The  Kaku-Tate collection was launched recently but has fast become one of the brand’s favorites. These exclusive fountain pens are hand-crafted using  urushi lacquer and ebonite of several colors and represent the harmony and balance of geometry. It is a limited edition of only 100 pieces, lifetime guaranteed.

Taccia Koku-Tate fountain pens

The  Taccia Reserve fountain pens are inspired by mother nature to create uniquely designed colorful pieces made of  urushi and ebonite. These very original pens are also lifetime guaranteed and limited to 50 pieces.

The  Tanto collection is named after the Japanese short sword used by samurai warriors as a self-defense in close combat. Just like the swords, the Tanto ebonite and  urushi pens are designed to become a charm for protection against evil and misfortune.

Every single pen of the  Horizon limited edition is also hand-crafted using layers and layers of  urushi lacquer and ebonite. This limited edition of only 50 pieces and lifetime guarantee feature a 18K solid gold nib.

Taccia horizon fountain pens

Lastly, the  Savanna limited edition fountain pens are crafted from sustainably harvested buffalo horn and are thought as a celebration of life and nature. Each Savanna pen is hand-carved and individually polished in the form of a budding tree branch.

One of Taccia’s major assets is the high quality of their nibs. Curiously enough, Taccia is distributed by Itoya, the same company that distributes Sailors’ nibs. Likely due to this fact, Taccia has managed to get ahold of Sailor’s celebrated nibs, which makes the brand something of an outliner on its price range.

The nibs are manufactured in-house and they employ some of the very best nibmeisters in the world to adjust them. This fine work makes Sailor’s (and therefore Taccia’s) nibs one of the best on the market in terms of ink flow and ink starvation.

These nibs are branded with Taccia’s logo and are available in EF, F, M, MF, B and Music sizes, depending on the model and line. They are usually manufactured in bicolor stain-less steel for the more affordable lines and 14K or 18K bicolor gold for the premium limited editions. Because Taccia’s pens feature a Sailor nib, they also feature the same filling system of cartridge/converter.

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