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Eterna watches

February 19, 2021 3 min read

Eterna Kontiki

To learn about the first steps of the brand in the field of watch movement manufacturing, it is necessary to go back almost 150 years, when in 1856 Dr. Josef Girard and the school teacher Urs Schild opened a workshop of watch movements in the small Swiss town of Grenche. A few years later they also began to manufacture these movements for wrist watches. However, the basis on which it had started was evident in that the company had divided into two: ETA for the production of movements, and Eterna for producing precision watches.

But without a doubt, time for Eterna stands still and magnificent in 1948, when it shows its innovative prowess with the rotor system mounted on wheel bearings. Five small balls –they became the logo that wears on their creations and on the dial–, which have become one of the most interesting inventions to overcome the friction and wear problems suffered by self-loading calibers. In addition to making it possible for women's watches, much smaller, to have automatic winding movements.

Eterna established a new standard that is still in force today and is incorporated by all manufacturers into their products. But it is not the only field in which Eterna has left its mark, and the one that best illustrates this is the KonTiki, a watch created to overcome the most extreme weather conditions of an expedition that sailed through the Pacific. Their boxes passed the test and proved the technicians who, since 1930, had worked to achieve optimum sealing. It mounts the well-known caliber 1422-U, thus being an automatic watch with a central second hand, which beats at a frequency of 18000 A / h and has a power reserve of 48 hours. One of Eterna's great contributions to watchmaking was the incorporation of ball bearings in the rotor, thus changing from a manually wound watch to an automatic one.This type of movement is known as Eterna-Matic, thus differentiating itself from the rest of the watch. A collection called Eterna, from the moment of the invention of this system the five 0.05mm bearings became the characteristic logo of the brand, remaining intact to this day.

Eterna Super KonTiki

In the image, automatic watch Eterna Super Kontiki

Inspired by the iconic Eterna watches of the 1950s and 1960s, the Eternity collection is the ultimate exponent of timeless elegance. Eterna presents its classic watches for the true gentleman. An indispensable accessory capable of combining a minimalist design with the most cutting-edge watchmaking technology.

Eterna Eternity Legacy Date SW 300-1

In the picture, the automatic watch Eterna Eternity Legacy Date SW300-1

The rich history of Eterna is something the brand holds very close to its heart and this legacy is something that its watches embody in every watch in the Heritage collection. 160 years of heritage give Eterna watches a wealth of incredible achievements and iconic designs to draw on for each watch in this collection. To ensure the highest level of workmanship, the Heritage has been manufactured using the very latest in watchmaking technology, as this guarantees only the highest level of standard when it comes to precision and reliability.

Eterna Heritage 1948 Legacy Date  Eterna Heritage 1948 Legacy Date, SW 300-1

The picture shows the front and back of the automatic watch Eterna Heritage 1948 Legacy Date SW300-1 

Some ofEterna's ownmovements are:

  • Caliber 6036: produced in 2004, it is the first movement with a chronograph and "stop display" in a combination of digital and mechanical design. It has more than 800 components, making it the most complex movement on the planet. 
  • Caliber 3843: presented in 2012 as the continuation of the 3500 and 3510 movements. It returns to the round shape, but also incorporates the Eterna Spherodrive device, characteristic of its two predecessors. A caliber inspired by the design of the movements of the 60s but equipped with the most cutting-edge technology of the moment.
  • Caliber 39: For years, Eterna has focused its efforts on expanding both its manufacturing technologies and its portfolio of movements. Thanks to the modularity of the Caliber 39, a single basic movement can give rise to a total of 88 different movement versions. This, once again, is a testament to Eterna's ability to further refine past achievements in watch movement development with its inventiveness and precision workmanship. 

If you want to know more about Eterna watches, do not hesitate to visit our website. At Iguana Sell in Madrid, you will find a wide collection of Eterna pieces in stock that you can buy with 24-hour express shipping.

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