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June 24, 2020 3 min read

Scribo feel flex nib in black and blue

SCRIBO, acronym for Scrittura Bolognese, is a young Italian brand founded in 2016 with a great history behind that was born thanks to their creators’ passion for writing instruments and from the valuable collaboration of some former Omas employees who took the baton so that handwriting, as an ancient art retrieval story, could be pursued.

Passion for handwriting

Their first thought about the SCRIBO project was on the same day the glorious history of Omas, a historic Bolognese company that has become a cult in the world of fountain pens’ collectors, ended.

Scribo Pen Show Madrid 2019 Iguana Sell

As Luca Baglione, one of Scribo’s co-founders, told us in a very interesting meeting we had in the last Madrid Pen Show, their goal has always been to light up the essence of writing instruments, in particular the fountain pen and handwriting. 

Nibs, paper and inkwell are the most faithful tools and the window to the soul of those who write with them.

Thanks to their previous experience, they have created a laboratory that hosts the production of instruments and accessories for handwriting, with strong design and exclusively “Made in Italy” craftsmanship on one side; and on the other hand, the disclosure of the handwriting benefits through calligraphy courses with specialized partners

According to his words, all the Scribo team strongly believes in handwriting and their main goal is to place it at the center of their project where nibs, paper and inkwell are the most faithful tools and the window to the soul of those who write with them.

Luca Bagnole Scribo Pen Show Madrid

That is why all the Scribo pieces are designed with precise features and made by using the most suitable materials for a ready-to-go handwriting and with the highest quality standards.

Scribo fountain pens are piston-fillers with a generous ink capacity and are also available with an unusually wide variety of nib choices, that have that indefinable feel of a “real nib”, not too smooth, not scratchy at all.

Each pen is hand-assembled by skilled artisans at the Scribo workshop in Bologna.  

Feel collection

Fountain pen Scribo-Feel,-Blue,-Rutenium,-Nib-Flex,-FEEFP03RT1403

FEEL is how they named their main collection after their mantra “feel the writing”. All the Feel pieces are an invitation to live a unique writing experience of the highest quality; it is an experience to seek everyone’s own writing style, a tribute to the aesthetics of handwriting and the pleasure of writing.

The body of the FEEL is turned by hand from a solid bar of acrylic resin and shaped into the style of a Doric column. A curving taper enhances the profile of this faceted pen design. Removing the cap reveals a long, faceted section and the real protagonist of the brand’s writing instruments: the nib.

Scribo keystone: the nib

Scribo Feel Fountain Pen, Blue Resin, Ruthenium, Flex nib, FEEFP03RT1403

The historic OMAS nib is the keystone to the new story of the SCRIBO writing instrument. Using the same tooling and manufacturing methods once employed by the OMAS pen company, they create everyone of their pieces with flex nibs and regular nibs. The first ones are 14k gold and are available in Flex Medium or Flex Fine, while regular sizes are made in a 18k gold nib. 

Here you can see the different strokes and some people trying (and loving) them at 2019 Madrid Pen Show. 

Handwriting with Scribo

Customers writing Scribo Madrid Pen Show


Limited Editions

Their two most incredible limited editions are Letteratura and Pittura. Both are a handcraft of Italian excellence, refined in every single detail and once again they are designed to offer the best writing experience.


ThePittura is a masterpiece. A tool of the “Art of writing” collection that tells about Painting and the art that takes form representing a subject or expressing the fantasy through lines, colors, shapes, values and tones on a surface. It takes a trip over the Painting history: from its roots in Atapuerca to the drawings of Sumerian writing and the cuneiform writing.


On the other side, with theLetteratura, Scribo wanted to pay tribute to the magnificent art of writing. For them, through centuries the world has seen the evolution of literature, as expression of human thought, according to human ideals and its changes. 

Thanks to writing, we have a universal memory; from ancient Greece, through the Middle Ages in Italy, until the magical realism in Latin America. In the function of writing words, a fountain pen connects emotions to reason.

That is why on the body of the pen, as a canvas of present time, the voice of Homer, Dante and García Márquez come to life, as engraved on parchment.


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