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Mother's Day Test

April 26, 2017 3 min read

Mother's Day Test

Mother's Day Test: Find the perfect gift

Hello everyone!

There are just a few days left for Mother Days and we are sure that you are wondering, what can I gift her? Will this present be useful on her day to day? Furthermore, probably some of you are planning the gift that your kids will give you their mother, and the same questions will come to mind.

But do not worry, because at Iguana Sell we have a solution! This month we have created a test where you will be able to find which is the perfect gift for your mother taking into account her hobbies, lifestyle and routine.

Classic Mom:

Both when working and during her free time she loves to dress elegant and her looks are always flawless. With traditional values, she loves organizing family reunions inviting all of family members. She appreciates and loves luxury and quality, and this is reflected on her style.

We have chosen as her perfect gift this Raymond Weil Shine Ladies watch, as it is the accessory which will give her the glam and luxurious touch she loves, along with being the ideal pick for a daily basis.

If we had to choose a writing instrument for her, our Graf Von Faber-Castell Intuition fountain pen in ivory with platinum trims fits perfectly her personality.

Modern Mom:

Originality defines her style. This mother is characterized for being her kids best-friends because her style and personality denote a young, extrovert and open-minded  personality. She loves innovation and new experiences. She knows about all the latest trends and dresses in a casual style without losing her elegance.

One of the perfect gifts for this type of mother may be the S.T Dupont Slim 7 luxury lighter, in brushed copper, as it is the best combination of luxury and modernity.

As a writing instrument, the perfect accessory for a modern mom is our Montegrappa Fortuna Día de los Muertos pen, as the colors in this Mexican inspired pen are perfect for open-minded and modern woman.

Enthusiastic Mom

This type of mother is the one who loves practicing those activities that involve cultural enrichment. She loves intellectual challenges as she considers them a way of learning and personal growth. She likes to spend her free time learning new competences, participating in workshops, reading, visiting museums...

Her high exigency level makes her a very organized women, and this is why this type of mother will appreciate a gift that will help her on her daily organization. A perfect gift for her can be our hardcover Leuchtturm 1917 planner.

To create the perfect match with a writing instrument we propose our special set which includes a Lamy LX fountain pen! You can also the two products together at a better price with our set Lamy + Leuchtturm.

Sporty Mom:

She's really active, and doesn't think of sport as an obligation but as a hobby. She loves to look after herself and this is why she watches her diet and enjoys activities that will improve her physical condition.

In order to combine her daily routine with physical activity, one of the perfect gifts for her can be this Piquadro Coleos bag, as it counts for a special compartment for water and is features an anti-rain system, making it ideal for outdoor activities. 

Another perfect gift for a sporty mom can be a watch, as it can help her measure her exercise. We recommend this Momo Design Tempest Lady.

We hope our test has helped you to get to know what kind of gifts may be interesting for the mothers in your family. We remind you that all of the featured products are available at Iguana Sell, along with more gift suggestions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our products or services. We will be glad to help!

Have a lovely day.

Kind regards,
The Iguana Sell Team

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