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A day with the Sales Team

April 25, 2017 4 min read

A day with the Sales Team

Meet Iguana Sell's Sales Team

Hello everyone!

Today we start this section in our blog in order to show you more about us and the different persons that make us grow as a company. For that reason today we are going to explain you the day by day of our sales team.

We open you the doors of Iguana Sell. You’re welcome!

Monday, 9:00 am

The computers of some of our earlier riser workers start to turn on. Monday is a busy day for our Sales Team, because even if they have been working from home during the weekend there are some issues that can only be managed from the office.

Our chat service, available in all of our different websites (.es, .com,, .fr, is already on so everyone who visits our web can directly reach us and their doubts will be quickly solved.

Apart from pending consults of the weekend, emails are constantly flying in, new clients and recurrent ones interested in some of our products or asking for advice for their future acquisitions. 
Some of the most-asked questions are delivery dates, shipping costs and the warranty and authenticity of our products. 

Sales Team at Iguana Sell

11: 00 am

Our boutique is already open, our doors are open for everybody. Furthermore, at Iguana Sell we provide a without-break service from Monday to Friday being open from 11:00 to 20:00 and Saturdays from 10:30 to 14:30. 

Lights are on, showcases are illuminated and windows are open, a new day at the Iguana Sell boutique begins! 

Sales Team at Iguana Sell

11:30 am

Our late shift Sales Team has already arrived. Our Sales Team is now complete and ready to take over the new week!

Sales Team at Iguana Sell

The bell of our chat rings! It is a client from Russia asking for a fountain pen he wants to gift a fountain pen lover friend. He hasn't decided the model yet, so he is asking for advice. He needs to receive it this week so it has to be a product in stock. Kamila, our Russian team member asks him about his friend's preferences in order to offer him the perfect pick. After considering different options, the client chooses the new Pelikan M101 Bright Red Limited Edition. Additionally, Kamila offers him the possibility of sending the product already gift-wrapped. Once the purchase is complete, the delivery date is of 24 hours so the gift will be on time!

Sales Team at Iguana Sell

After their lunch-break, our Sales Team continues working. The doorbell of our boutique rings and Kamila receives our guest. In this case, it's a recurrent client, a watch lover who is looking for a Glycine GMT Airman with a stainless steel bracelet. Before deciding the exact model, he wants to check out both the white and black dial models. Kamila shows him both and he finally goes for the black one. 

Sales Team at Iguana Sell

5:20 PM

Ring ring! This time its the phone. A client has been informed due to a Newsletter and our Social Media posts that we are soon launching the Iguana Sell Club, where our most loyal clients will enjoy many advantages.
Our client just wants to know one thing: "What do I have to do to become a member" - He asks. Mónica informs him about the steps he has to follow and where to find all the information about our club, the main advantages of being a member and, of course, he thanks him for his interest for Iguana Sell. These clients make our Mondays be fun!

Again, a client visits our boutique. This time it's a new client, who has known about us because of a colleague. He needs a briefcase to carry all of his working material and tells us his colleague has recently purchased one with us and is really happy with the result.

Our new client comes with the intention of purchasing the Montblanc Meisterstück Selection case, but falls in love when he sees the S.T Dupont Line D briefcase as it's the perfect match for his daily suits.

Sales Team at Iguana Sell



New call! This time it's a Skype call.  It is an american client who is going to a wedding on a couple of weeks and needs a pair of cufflinks for the occasion. He thinks that the S.T Dupont D Label can be perfect for the occasion, but as he lives in EEUU is afraid that they won't arrive on time. Elena checks the availability of this product and informs him that we have one last pair of cufflinks in stock, so if he purchases them immediately they would ship next day. The client does not hesitate and places his order right away. 

Sales Team at Iguana Sell

It's close to 8:00 pm. Our Sales Team is replying to our last emails and closing our boutique, after a last visit of a client who was interested in some of our inks. An intense but rewarding day comes to an end! 

That is all about the day by day of our sales team. We want to remind you that you can find all these pieces in our web and in our boutique in C/Nuñez de Balboa, 90 Madrid. Do not hesitate on contact us if you have any other questions, it would be a pleasure to assist you!

Kind regards,  
The Iguana Sell Team

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