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Friday Outfit: Photography

April 07, 2017 1 min read

Friday Outfit: Photography

Photography is defined as the technique and art of fixing and reproducing images by the action of light through determined chemical reactions on surfaces properly prepared for it.

The daguerreotype invented by Louis Daguerre in 1839 is considered the forerunner of modern photography. Another prominent name in the history of photography is George Eastman who presented in 1888  the first Kodak camera with photographic paper roll. Another important step happened in 1948 with the launch of the Polaroid technique that allows us to reveal photographs in just one minute, a technique that is still used today.

Nowadays, we mainly use digital photography, that thanks to technological advances is available to everyone. Specially, mobile devices have caused an authentic revolution, allowing everyone to capture moments, save and share them. In addition we count with the help of a wide range of softwares which allow us to retouch imperfections of the photography and modify them to obtain different feelings and sensations.  

Although in its beginnings photography was not considered "art" today, because of its artistic influence and its infinite possibilities of expression, is considered as the 8th art.

Due to its influence and importance we dedicate today our Friday Outfit to the art of photography.


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