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Friday Outfit: International No Diet Day

May 05, 2017 2 min read

Friday Outfit: International No Diet Day

Friday Outfit: International No Diet Day

Today we dedicate our Friday Outfit to the International No Diet Day. This concept emerged back in 1992. The initiator was Mary Evans Young, a known British feminist who had suffered from eating disorders. For this reason, she decided to fight against the dietetic products industry, miracle diets and warn the world about the dangers of anorexia and other eating disorders. She blamed disorders on the social pressure to be thin and the confussion between skinniness and health. Feminist groups agreed to celebrate this day on March 6th and this date was later extended and promoted all over the world.

Young later explained what the goals of the International No Diet Day are:

- Question the idea of a "correct" body shape, removing obssesions about stereotypes and learn to accept oneself.

- Raise awareness about the discrimination that exists due to weight and erradicate obesophobia.

- Draw attention to the inefficienciy of many commercial diets.

- Remind victims of eating disorders and weight loss surgerys. 

Fortunately every day there is more social awareness and fight againt fashion stereotypes. "Real beauty" is claimed strongly every day and even many fashion and beauty firms have already begun to change their traditional models trying to attempt to offer a wider image of what beauty means.

From Iguana Sell we want to join this International No Diet Day promoting a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 

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