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Wristwatch size guide

September 09, 2022 2 min read

Wristwatch size guide

When choosing a new watch, we have a wide range of models and sizes. So, which one to choose? Undoubtedly, your perfect watch will be the one you like the most and the one that fits you better in terms of features. Nevertheless, the size could be a determining factor to choose your new timepiece, on this page you will find a guide that may help you.


The size of the watch will be equal to the diameter of the dial-in millimeters. Usually, the most common diameters are between 34 mm and 42 mm. It is said that the 38 mm is the one that best fits all wrists, but at our website, you can find watches for all the tastes, ranging from 30 mm with brands such as Mondaine, to 50 mm in models of brands such as U-boat or Ingersoll

The 38 mm model is generally considered the standard model that fits all wrists best. However, unlike the trends at the turn of the century, which focused on discreet and functional models, the trend today is to wear large watches.


In the following images, you can see how look the different sizes: 

34 mm
Reloj de 36mm

36 mm

Reloj de 38 mm

38 mm

Reloj de 39mm

39 mm

Reloj de 40mm

40 mm

Reloj de 42mm

42 mm

Reloj de 43mm

43 mm

Reloj de 44 mm

44 mm

Reloj de 46 mm

46 mm


Although it is only a guideline, you can get an idea of what the diameter of the watch you want to buy would look like on your wrist by printing out and cutting out the following picture (A4 size). You can download it by clicking here.


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