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What Game of Thrones House do you belong in?

April 03, 2017 3 min read

What Game of Thrones House do you belong in?

Hello everyone,

As you might already know Montegrappa has launched a collection in collaboration with one of the best TV shows today: Game of Thrones. The collection is composed by four models inspired by the different houses of the HBO TV show.

Probably, if you are a fan you already know what house you would like to belong in, but not all dreams come true this is why at Iguana Sell we have created this quiz to see to which of the houses you fit in! Grab pen and paper to note your answers and let the fun begin!

1. Which of the following is your favorite color?

a) White
b) Red
c) Black
D) Yellow

2. You love to spend your free time...

a) With your family
b) Going out for drinks with friends
c) Enjoying and watching magic shows
d) Playing with your pets

3. Which of the following words best describes you?

a) Honest
b) Intelligent
c) Passionate
d) Unpredictable

4. What is your favorite season?

a) Winter
b) Spring
c) Autumn
d) Summer

5. You think revenge...

a) Is a dish best served cold
b) Is necessary, blood is paid with blood!
c) Is fun!
d) Isn't worth it

6. Which is your biggest flow?

a) I am resentful
b) I am distrustful
c) I am easily impressionable
d) I am really stubborn

7. The most important thing for you is...

a) Family
b) Power
c) Money
d) Liberty

8. What would you do to someone who hurt your loved ones?

a) Kill him
b) Hurt his loved ones back
c) Tell everyone what he did
d) Forgive him, if he had a good reason

9. Imagine one of your friends committed a horrible crime and was sentenced to death. They name you his executer, what would you do?

a) Forgive him
b) I would review his sentence, looking for something to forgive him
c) I would hate to do it, but would have to kill him,
d) I wouldn't be able to kill him, death sentence is outrageous!

10. If the Iron Throne was empty, what would you do to get it?

a) Nothing. I don't want the throne.
b) The throne would never be empty because it would be always mine!
c) Declare war
d) I would ally myself with other interest groups.

You are a Stark!

Love, family and honour. A bit distrustful and always looking at the future, you may seem a bit gloomy. You like to have everything under control and to be prepared for everything, this is why you don't easily open to others. However when you find someone worth the while, you are loyal and noble.

Montegrappa Game of Thrones Stark

"A Lannister always pays his debts". Inteligent and proud, you know want you want and how to achieve it. Furthermore, your wisdom allows you to calculate every little detail, not letting anyone to get on your way.

Montegrappa Game of Thrones Lannister

iIf you had to define yourself with just one word that would be unpredictable. You are extreme and have a fascinating capacity of adapting to any environment and situation.

However, are you incredibly wise or just bold? All we know is you are a Targaryen!

Montegrappa Game of Thrones Targaryen

Your house would be Baratheon!

You are in love with life and its pleasures, but also love  a little dispute now and then. Everything that is about living intensily is made for you and because of this sometimes your friend choices are not the best. Beware of who you go with, as you sometimes are impressionable!

Montegrappa Game of Thrones Baratheon

So, what Game of Thrones house do you belong in?

All of the Montegrappa Game of Thrones collection is available at Iguana Sell. 

Have a great day,

The Iguana Sell Team

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