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Welcome U-Boat

June 01, 2017 2 min read

Welcome U-Boat


Hello everyone,

On today's post we have the pleasure of introducing one of the last brands that has arrived to Iguana Sell: U-Boat. Distinguished for their quality, amazing materials, craftsmanship and Italian manufacture this Italian watch making house has an amazing history.

Born in 1942, this brand was born when the Italian Navy asked craftsmen Italo Fontana to create a watch for them. They required maximum reliability and readability in all conditions of light and weather. Years later, in 2000 Italo Fontana, Ilvo's grandson, found these models and was inspired to create a new U-Boat.

With the best Swiss movement, Italo Fontana chooses innovation in materials, mechanisms and systems creating unique pieces. Behind every U-Boat there is a story of inspiration and style.

All of the U-Boat watches have one thing in common: A big crown on their case left side. This crown makes them stand out from the crowd and allows them to defeat extreme conditions. Their large size allows them to be read at a glance and their iconic designs catch everyone's eye. Confidence and power are two of the elements that are present in every U-Boat collection. Do not wait to find out everything about them!


The Chimera watches stand out for their iconic case with a great crown and push buttons. With a great personality, these models feature a functional and masculine design being U-Boat's most vintage collection. Their bezel and case are screwed with five screws and external tubes ensuring their water resistance.


As we can tell by the collection's name, this collection features pure and timeless watches that never go out of style. Designed for men and women with a great personality, their designs are inspired by military trends featuring a great dial and a metallic ring on their strap. The Classico collection represents U-Boat's style.


The U-42 collection also known as Unicum represents the desire of any watchmaker of creating a historical watch in which every timepiece has a unique and individual finish. Each watch is handmade with a craftsman finish. In order to do so, their dials, cases and bezels are treated with selected acids making each watch unique.

Black Swan

Lastly, we introduce a Limited Edition. The Black Swan edition is one of U-Boat's most exclusive and luxurious timepieces. Enriched with crimped precious stones, its diamonds feature different sizes and some of them have been crimped buttom up managing a spiky look.

All of the U-Boat timepieces are now available at Iguana Sell. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information regarding the brand or any of the collections. We will be glad to help!

Kind regards,

Iguana Sell

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