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Vintage fountain pens

January 28, 2022 2 min read

Vintage fountain pens

As it has been stated numerous times, a fountain pen is more than just a writing device. It is the final piece of a collection, it is a memory of a past time, it is a work of art, a cult element, that is why many brands seek with their designs to evoke that feeling of the past and eternal fashion.

Romanticizing writing

Some brands join vintage fashion to create their most unique pieces and bring memories of the past into our hands, adding an extra element of inherited romanticism to the already prized pens.


The 60s, the golden age of rock and roll, is the favorite era of many, which is why Tibaldi evokes it through a retro design with bright colors and motifs reminiscent of vinyl from the 60s and 70s.
The rings present on the cap and upper part of the piece are a sample of urban attitude that gives the piece a futuristic contrast. Its shiny resin body with retro shades is true to the spirit of the line

Tibaldi Perfecta Vinyl Stonewash Full Grey y Stonewash Full Blue

Tibaldi Perfecta Vinyl Stonewash Full Grey and Stonewash Full Blue


Pilot began to work under the philosophy of creating elements of innovation and quality that provide a pleasure in writing, and what can cause more pleasure than a pen that, in addition to evoking past times with a vintage style, has a unique design?

The Custom Heritage has a swirled marble finish that is unlike any piece. Marble was used throughout history as a raw material to create artistic pieces, and became a cultural symbol of tradition and good taste. These pens also feature a smooth and reliable 14k gold rhodium plated nib and CON-70 converter.

Pilot Custom Heritage

Pilot Custom Heritage


The original Aurora Duo Cart was created in the 1950s, with the goal of creating a portable fountain pen with room for two cartridges. Its design is peculiar, since its nib is hooded and became a characteristic design of the time. For that reason, honoring its past, Aurora decided to reinterpret this in its new version of a tapered look inspired by the decade when television and cinema dictated fashion and customs.

Estilográfica Aurora Duo-Cart azul

Aurora Duo-Cart blue fountai pen

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