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Versace: Tradition And Style Meet Modernity

September 15, 2023 3 min read

Versace: Tradition And Style Meet Modernity

Today, we talk about a haute couture brand, attention to detail, quality, and, above all, style. And it could be none other than Versace. How does it blend tradition and style with modernity in its watch collections?

Versace: Tradition And Style Meet Modernity

Its creator, the famous Gianni Versace, founded the fashion house in Milan in 1978. But a few years earlier, when Versace was just a dream, young Gianni was merely an independent designer from Calabria. It was his creativity and personality that propelled him to a meteoric rise as a recognized and admired designer and creator of one of the world's biggest fashion brands.

However, it is well known how he was robbed of the opportunity to continue his dream. That was the moment when his siblings Santo and Donatella Versace (the artistic director of the brand) took the reins, with magnificent leadership, making it one of the world's favorite brands.


While Gianni had already made a small foray into the world of watchmaking, it was in 1998 that Versace officially diversified its business by introducing its first series of watches. Although it quickly became another success, it should not be thought of as another haute couture brand trying to enter a new market. Right from the start, all its watch lines have shown a commitment to maintaining the high-quality standards that already distinguished its clothing collections.

Versace Icon Active Indiglo Packaging

Versace Icon Active Indiglo

Produced in Switzerland, the high quality of each of its watches is guaranteed through rigorous controls that earn it the strict and coveted "Swiss Made" certification. Elegant and practical in style, they are generally quartz-powered pieces, and while the smaller ones tend to stick to simpler uses with more elaborate and prominent designs, the larger models often come with special functions like chronographs.


For both Gianni and his siblings, their roots in the city of Reggio di Calabria are something vital that they will infuse into every piece of the brand. That's why many of the brand's most distinctive details are dedicated to the city's Greek origin and classicism, both in its clothing and watch collections. One of the most subtle but ever-present details is the complementary use of gold colour in almost every piece, whether in classic or sporty styles, monochromatic or multi-toned.

Versace Greca Dome Chrono

So much so that the presence of an ornament typical of Ancient Greek architecture is a constant in their models: the Greek key (or meander in its original culture). Used as decoration, adapting to the different style of each collection in terms of colour, size, or material, it perfectly demonstrates that the brand's spirit is omnipresent, creating iconic designs.


But the embodiment of this balance between origin and modernity is Versace's symbol par excellence: the traditional mythological Medusa. While Gianni did not include it from the beginning, today it is present in each of its models, especially so in its watches, either in a large size in the center of its dial, as a more discreet relief positioned at 12 o'clock, or as an inlay on the strap, as well as engraved on the back of the case. 

Versace Icon Active Indiglo

Packaging Versace Icon Active Indiglo

It is clear that Versace was not born to go unnoticed, just as Medusa did not. Who needs discretion when you can combine design, tradition, luxury, modernity, Ancient Greece, and Italian style?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team; we will be happy to assist you!

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