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TW Steel, dutch design

June 14, 2022 2 min read

TW Steel, dutch design

TW Steel is a modern watchmaking company founded in the Netherlands in 2005. They have a Dutch design using steel as the fundamental material. However, despite its few years, it has soon conquered the number one and tops the rankings in luxury products. TW Steel's fifth anniversary was therefore celebrated in style at the Bloomingdale Club in Bloemendaal in the north of the Netherlands. Despite the short experience of the TW Steel company, its founders have a long history in the world of watches.

Everything about TW Steel

Jordy Cobelens, CEO of TW Steel, is the driving force behind the business side of TW Steel. His father, Ton Cobelens, is the creative mastermind, primarily responsible for the visual and conceptual side of TW Steel's styles from day one. As far as promotion is concerned, TW Steel realized early on the crucial importance of creating partnerships with prestigious people. Thus, singer Kelly Rowland, racing driver David Coulthard or DJ Mitchell Niemeyer are some of the TW Steel ambassadors.

TW Steel Chrono Sport Quartz Watch

Chrono Sport Line

With over 20 years of experience running his own advertising agency dedicated to watch brands worldwide, there is little Ton doesn't know about what type of watch to bring to market. Ton is able to conceptualize a new watch in his mind before he sets about bringing it to life and bringing the concept to life.

Pride in your brand, a sense of family closeness and harmony starts here, at the root of the whole process. It immediately spreads throughout the company and even around the world, bringing added strength and confidence to the TW Steel community.

TW Steel Ceo Tech 44mm Quartz Watch

CEO tech line

TW Steel's collections range from sporty to elegant and modern. Among the most important we have the CEO Tech, Fast Lane and Volante collections. CEO Tech features more elegant watches with Swiss Made movements with sapphire crystal with an easy change of the bracelet or steel strap. Each model comes with a special screwdriver that allows you to comfortably exchange the strap and bracelet, but also to adjust the screwed links of the bracelet.

TW Steel Fast Lane Petter Solberg Quartz Watch

Fast Lane line

Fast lane, where speed and performance are in our DNA. Watches inspired by the legendary ambassadors Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill. And finally the Volante collection, for all lovers of cars and the world of motorsport.

TW Steel Volante Quartz Watch, Grey

Volante line

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