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Taccia Winter’s breath

December 03, 2021 2 min read

Taccia Winter’s breath

Taccia is a Japanese brand that was born in 2003 by fashion designer Shu-jen Lin. Its aim was to create affordable and distinguished writing elements. It is born from the idea that a fountain pen can define a person's character and style.

The Miyabi Maki-e collection represents the craftsmanship of the brand, each piece goes through a process of Ebonite lacquering, inlaid with Maki-e and lacquered with Urushi, hand-sealed by the artist.

Taccia Winter breath

Cap detail Taccia Miyabi Empress Winter's Breath 

The process of creating this pen is extremely interesting and extensive. It takes several months to complete one of these pieces with hand finishing, using a combination of Maki-e, Raden and Rankaku techniques on a hand polished ebonite body.

The eggs must first be purified and, using the Rankaku technique, separated from the membrane.

The body of the pen is then coated with the Raden technique, which consists of inserting ivory or mother-of-pearl shells on an already lacquered base. Once the Raden coating is applied, the body of the pen is lacquered again to set it.

Paso de creación

Process with Raden technique.

Once the Urushi has dried, it is polished with charcoal and then the eggshell is inlaid. Urushi lacquer is applied over them and then over the entire body. Coats of Urushi lacquer continue to be applied until the body is smooth to the touch.

Paso de creación

Creation process 

The Miyabi Empress Winter Breath is a unique design with 288 nibs worldwide. It includes an 18-carat Sailor KOP nib and is available with either an M or B nib.


Standard vs. KOP nibs

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