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What makes a watch special?

May 13, 2022 3 min read

What makes a watch special?

Watches are instruments to measure time and in addition they give play to a large group of collectors whose passion revolves around this world.

Many brands, in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors, are creating unique and special pieces. There are editions that are differentiated by having a finite number of pieces, called limited editions. This does not mean that only the editions with limited pieces are special, there are also editions that are created for a particular reason and are called special editions.

What makes a watch special


The complications of a watch are those functionalities that deviate from the simple purpose of displaying the hour, minutes and seconds. They are called complications because they require mechanical adjustments and additional energy, which is added in the watch mechanism itself. Any mechanical watch that includes a complication is going to have a more developed mechanism. Among the most popular complications are the chronograph, astronomical, autonomy and dual date. 

One of the most common complications is the date. Some watches mark the day of the week, others the day and date and some also the month, but the most special watches have a perpetual calendar.

Citizen Promaster ST, Supertitanium

Citizen Promaster ST Automatic Watch

The perpetual calendar is of the highest quality watchmaking art and is one of the most complex complications. It includes a mechanism that calculates the months of 30 and 31 days, as well as leap years, without the need to correct the date manually. These watches are outstanding and practical models, and are an expression of luxury, which is why these watches are considered truly special.

Complications are art and evidence of the mastery that exists in haute horlogerie. 


Some watch brands develop special technologies with incredible benefits to take their watches to a new level.

The German brand Sinn is usually at the top of the technologies, one of the most incredible ones they have recently created is the TEGIMENT technology.

Sinn U50 S BS

Sinn Automatic Watch with tegiment technology

The surface of any watch with this technology has a higher level of protection. It is not based on a coating, but the surface of the material itself is hardened by a special process, acquiring a significantly higher protection against scratches.

Big brands are always innovating with new technologies, listening to their users and developing what is needed. Some technologies affect the materials, while others affect the mechanism.


Making watches with a beneficial cause will always make a product stand out. Brands like LUMINOX and ALPINA set challenges to themselves to create pieces where their manufacture contributes to a charitable purpose. Contributing to the planet earth is one, and they achieve it by creating watches with recycled materials.

Alpina Seastrong Diver Gyre, 44 mm, Ed. Limitada

Alpina Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic Watch

Alpina launched a watch with a two-tone strap made from recycled plastic bottles and a case made from recycled PA 6 (70%) and fiberglass. Luminox also joined the cause and launched a line of watches made of ecological composite created from plastic material collected from the ocean.

The pieces created for charitable causes are usually Limited Editions, and are distinguished from classic watches because they are created for special purposes.


The mechanism of the watch is the movement that fuels its life and a special mechanism gives the watch a special character.

Junghans Max Bill Handaufzug

Junghans Max Bill Handaufzug  Manual Winding Watch

The manual movement is a very special feature in watches, this type of watches is manufactured with a spring that gives the force to it, and require that the watch is wound, providing a sense of nostalgia and supreme care. This mechanism is highly appreciated among watch lovers, as it requires a complex craftsmanship that makes manual watches can last a lifetime.

For the true watch lover and the assiduous collector, the features that make a piece special are very important, and a handcrafted production, or a complex mechanism give the watch a higher level. Discover our extensive collection of watches and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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