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Six ways to use your fountain pen at home

April 09, 2020 3 min read

6 ways to use your fountain pen at home

Specially during these uncertain, ever changing times, Art becomes a fundamental way of expression and freedom to face the social isolation and quarantine at home. Books, films, drawings, music and last but not least, what we enjoy most….WRITING! 

Choose your favourite fountain pen and get ready for the six activities that we propose you to use it at home:


If, like us, you are spending more time at home than ever, it might be the right time to take care of our writing instruments. Don't you know how to do it properly? Check our experts' advice to safely clean your fountain pen. No excuses.


Calligraphy and typography making is now a trend that is increasing more and more all around. Lettering is such an addictive activity!

If you want your handwritten messages to look at its best, take paper and fountain pen and start creating. At the beginning you might not get the results you expect but, as everything, it's all about practicing and finding the nib size that best suits your needs and style.

If you are a starter, try out Marlen articles, a brand funded in 1856 and specialized in calligraphy. Also, you might like to experience what it feels to write with a flex nib, like those of Aurora 88, where the strokes vary depending on how much pressure you apply. If you want to go further, definitely Sailor Special Nibs are a must.


Every cloud has a silver lining. Even in this gray days, there might be subtle things to be thankful for. To sleep better and to free your mind from the day's stress and over information, try to write your favorite moments of the day: a smile, a hug, a sentence you liked from the book you are reading... Writing will help you not only to remember it better, but also to even be healthier physically and mentally.


It is the time to create! Did you know that Shakespeare wrote Macbeth during the Great Plague of London (1665-1666)? Get inspired by the beautiful collection S.T. Dupont has just launched to pay tribute to the English author. Who knows whether you could be the Shakespeare of our time...

Want to try something different? Fountain pens are not only for writing! Illustrating might be a great opportunity to experiment with those original inks you always wanted to use but never dare to, such as the Shimmering Collection by Diamine.


When was it the last time you took your time in front of a desk to write a letter to someone? It seems that new technologies and instant communication made us forget the pleasure of writing a letter, sending it and waiting for the answer to arrive. Letters are such a genuine, honest and unforgettable way to communicate how we feel. Love letters, birthday wishes, greeting an old friend... Where are you going to start?


These days we have time to write and also to cook! Don't you think it is the time to compile all recipes you like? Compile the expertise of those around you: your grandma's speciality, that dish someone learnt abroad and then cooked for you...Choose a nice notebook and delight yourself. All that knowledge can't be cast into oblivion!

Grab your fountain pen and start writing.

If you require more information or if you would like to place an order, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our store in Madrid, at Nuñez de Balboa 90.
We will be pleased to help you.

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