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Platinum: special pieces

January 15, 2021 3 min read

Platinum Izumo

The Japanese writing firm Platinum has been operating for more than 100 years and is one of the oldest and most traditional writing trademarks on the planet.Its founder, Shunichi Nakata, has always stood out in the industry for handcrafting the fountain pens with the best materials and the most careful and exclusive techniques. .

High-end Platinum writing pieces are usually crafted in ancient Japanese techniques such as Maki-e paint-making, Urushi lacquering or treating wood or other natural materials in a particular manner. Given the difficulty of the skills required to carry out such procedures, which can only be performed by expert artisans back in Japan and can take months to complete, it is not uncommon for these premium pieces to be out of stock on a regular basis.

At Iguana Sell we have one of the largest collections of premium Japanese writing instruments that exists. Here are some of the pieces from one of the most exclusive collections of Platinum, the Izumo. The Platinum Izumo collection is one of the brand's most exquisite ones, which includes handcrafted pieces made with both traditional Japanese materials and techniques.

Platinum Izumo Bamboo nib

In the picture, the fountain pens: Izumo Ginsen Yakumo and Izumo Bamboo Ankokushouku

Izumo-no-kuni is the name of an industrial area in Japan known for the production of a special type of paper, washi, a long-lasting high-quality product whose manufacturing process has been declared part of the World Heritage List. The pens in this collection pay tribute to the writing tradition in Izumo, their craftsmen and their respect for the use of natural materials.

At Iguana Sell we offer a wide variety of pieces from the Izumo collection, both fountain pens created in Urushi and Maki-e painting and pens crafted using natural materials such as bamboo. Quality and care in the manufacturing process is not the only defining feature of the Izumo writing pieces. There is indeed in every pen a consideration and commitment to Japanese history and language.


Platinum Izumo Maki-e

The Izumo Maki-e pieces all feature a design of a sky full of clouds, another meaning in Japanese for the word "Izumo". The cloud motifs are painted on the ebonite body in a pigmented urushi, accentuated with silver-powdered flashes in Maki-e. Over time, the layers of urushi coating the cloud pattern will gradually become more and more translucent, allowing the clouds to become more intense and clearly visible. In addition, the urushi layers bring an unparalleled shine to the piece, as well as greater strength, since urushi lacquer is one of the most resilient materials available for creating pens. All of the Izumo writing pieces feature a Platinum nib in solid 18K gold.

Platinum Izumo Ginsen Yakumo PIZ-80000N-91

Fountain pen Platinum Izumo Ginsen Yakumo

Platinum Izumo Bamboo

The Izuo bamboo pieces are handcrafted in real bamboo wood, besides all of them feature a solid 18K gold nib, and are beautifully packaged.

Platinum Izumo Bamboo

Fountain pen Platinum Izumo Bamboo Ankokushoku

Handcrafting wooden fountain pens is an extremely complicated and laborious process, since the wood must be at a specific temperature and with a certain degree of humidity in order to achieve the desired result. Otherwise, the master artisan cannot mould it properly and guarantee its quality, so the whole process must be delayed. Of course, only a handful of expert craftsmen from the Izumo region are qualified to create such exclusive pens, which makes these premium pieces extremely difficult to find and therefore highly demanded.

*The images of the manufacturing process correspond to the production of Izumo Bamboo pieces and are taken by the brand itself in Japan.


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