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Montjuic watches

May 20, 2021 3 min read

Montjuic watches

Automotive and avant-garde design

With the same name as the Barcelona mountain, Diverso presents its new brand Montjuic Watches. This brand is part of a story of passion for speed of three friends, co-founders of the brand, whose friendship started a long time ago: Rosendo Rabat, his son Rosendo "Tendu" Rabat and Eduardo Mendez.

Its name is not mere coincidence, but has a special denomination for lovers of competition and racing, as Montjuic is part of the history of motor racing and motorcycling in Spain. This iconic circuit began its history in 1931, hosting in the years to come until 1986 endurance and Formula 1 races

The watches shown are not only related to the competition, but also to the avant-garde and design. Each and every one of its components are designed, developed and tested specifically in their workshops in Barcelona, and once they have passed the strictest quality controls, they go to production where they are carefully assembled to give rise to a product of the highest quality, with perfect ergonomics and a visually stunning and colorful design. 

At the moment we can find the Montjuic Speed model, available in four major versions, all of them defined and designed after a long period of maturation. Differences can be observed between them, but all of them are designed from scratch and projected around a base concept that is clearly reflected in its inspiration by the motor world.These collections feature bright colors, a rounded shape of their stainless steel cases and the M of the brand's logo, which has a design that represents the layout of a speed circuit, and in turn has the shape of a piston. 

There are models in stainless steel or with PVD coating, but all Montjuic Speed models feature a double-button butterfly safety folding clasp in 316L stainless steel and specific pins on the case and clasp to change the strap without tools. In addition, each model contains an extra strap to match the watch face. Something very remarkable about the brand is that the warranty on all models is 10 years.

Montjuic Speed

This is the classic model of the brand and is characterized by its sobriety but also by a touch of color that gives it a very characteristic and dynamic look.

Montjuic Speed StandardMontjuic Standard MJ1.0101.S

With a more sober and elegant style, the Speed Elegance is perfect for both casual and formal occasions, being perfect for every moment and every occasion.

Montjuic Speed Elegance

Quartz watch Montjuic Elegance MJ1.0103.S

With a vertical color band as a contrast and with the seconds hand in racing red. This side lives up to its name and is inspired by the decorations of legendary American V8 muscle-cars in which aesthetics is as important as their impressive power, acceleration and speed figures.

Montjuic Speed Sport

Quartz watch Montjuic Sport MJ1.0602.B

It is the most extreme version inspired by cars and motorcycles of the 60s, 70s and 80s, thus becoming the most daring and special variant of the Speed range. The 24 Hours of Montjuïc, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps and other mythical races are the inspiration for the Special collection.


Quartz watch Montjuic Special MJ1.1201.B

Overall, the Montjuic Speed is a watch with characteristics worthy of a good Gran Turismo sports car: beautiful, lightweight and above all extremely resistant, accurate and reliable, aspects that the potential customer to whom this brand is addressed appreciates. In short, a piece of the highest construction quality, resistant to water, to shocks, but above all, to the vibrations typical of the steering wheel of a sports car or the handlebars of a high-performance motorcycle.

Remember that you can take advantage of a 25% discount on all models of the brand during pre-sale. Available from June 2021.

If you want to know more about Montjuic models, do not hesitate to visit our website. At Iguana Sell you will find a wide collection of Montjuic models that you will be able to buy with 24-48 hours express shipping from June 2021.

And, of course, if you require more information or wish to place your order, do not hesitate to contact us. You can write us an email, or visit our store in Madrid, in Núñez de Balboa 90. It will be a pleasure to help you.

We are waiting for you!

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