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Montegrappa's Zodiac

October 15, 2022 3 min read

Montegrappa's Zodiac

With the new Zero Zodiac Libra Montegrappa brings to a close its collection inspired by astrological exploration through the signs of the zodiac. Available in fountain pen, rollerball pen and ballpoint pens.

Montegrappa Zero Zodiac

The collection began with the launch of Scorpio in 2021 and took the form of 12 exceptional designs in hand-crafted Montegrappite resin, one for each sign of the zodiac. Libra closes this series where, replacing the Montegrappa logo, each sign of the zodiac is reproduced under the sapphire crystal of the cap.

Montegrappa Zero Zodiac Libra


Montegrappa presents this work of art on the body of the well-known Zero. With its elegant and geometric lines, it allows you to create a contrast with the colours of your montegrappite, creating unique blends representative of each sign.

Each sign is produced in two versions with the same colours: Limited Edition of 360 numbered pieces with a 14-carat gold nib, engraved with the sign; Regular, with a steel nib.


The use of complex, handcrafted mixtures gives rise to textures that only nature can design, with elements representative of each sign.

Scorpio: 10.23 - 11.21.11

Ability to constantly exceed expectations. Resin with red veins, stainless steel trim with ultra-white IP, satin finish with polished edges.

Sagittarius: 11.22 - 12.21

Green veined resin, stainless steel trim with palladium IP, satin finish with polished edges. Sagittarians are generous, optimistic and forge their own path.

Capricorn: 12.22 - 01.19

Resin with brown veins, stainless steel trim with yellow gold IP, satin finish with polished edges. Colors symbolize torment and the instinct to curb your fears.

Aquarius: 01.20 - 02.18

Deep violet and black veined resin with neon glow accents. Black plated steel ornaments that reflect the temperament and its capacity for creativity.

Montegrappa Zero Zodiac Libra

Pisces: 02.19 - 03.20

Pink veined resin, with pale blue and gray accents; palladium plated trim. Pisces are harmony through chaos, the romanticism they hide and their artistic talent is awakened in this hand-blended resin.

Aries: 03.21 - 04.19

Bright red with fine dark and orange streaks and its ultra-black steel finish reflect the tireless soul of Aries. This fiery blend embodies the high ambition and assertiveness of the Aries.

Taurus: 04.20 - 05.20

An all turquoise feather, with light cyan and pink stripes create a blend of dependability. Palladium-plated trims represent hard work and hint at the hedonist in a Taurus.

Gemini: 05.21 - 06.20

The Gemini way of life is reflected in this green resin, with gold sparkles and gold trim. The luxurious embellishments offer the duality of the sign through their contrasts.

Montegrappa Zero Zodiac Libra

Cancer: 06.21 - 07.22

The intense turquoise color mix calls for imagination that moves a Cancer out of their comfort zone. Yellow gold embellishments give a sense of control.

Leo: 07.23 - 08.22

Known as a sign that doesn't want to be overlooked, the Zero Zodiac Leo narrows these possibilities with a mix of red and gold Montegrappite. Gold accents feed the leadership instinct.

Virgo: 08.23 - 09.22

Virgo stands out for its capacity for discovery, and the hand-drawn design of its precious resin is an infinite discovery. With a mix of green-based colors and orange accents. The palladium ornaments give the final touch to a piece where harmony prevails.

Libra: 09.23 - 10.22

The latest release in the collection represents symmetry and balance through the vivid and opposing tones in its resin. The Libra are known for their diligent character and high integrity, witnessed in this pen with black details, a perfect balance.

If you have any questions or would like a particular pen, please do not hesitate to contact our team, we will be happy to help you!

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