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Montegrappa Fandom pens

December 23, 2020 5 min read

Montegrappa Fandom pens

Pens tribute to pop culture highlights

At the foot of Mount Grappa, in the Italian region of Veneto, is one of the oldest and most prestigious areas in the tradition of the art of goldsmithing. Here was founded Montegrappa, a brand that represents a total immersion in the world of luxury, beauty and master craftsmanship of writing pieces, watches and other accessories such as cufflinks or small leather goods.

Since its beginning, Montegrappa has stood out for the use of different materials and the use of varied manufacturing techniques in the creation of its pieces. Materials such as celluloid, ebonite, precious stones, 18k gold, sterling silver or titanium are some of the examples he uses in his designs. Montegrappa combines traditional methods such as die casting with more recent innovations such as low relief engraving to form its precious art objects. 

Montegrappa's pieces do not leave anyone indifferent. Each model is special, a small jewel, as Giuseppe L'Aquila (Montegrappa CEO) says; but they are all united by a common thread, which is easily recognizable by its design, material, beauty and exuberance. 

One of the most characteristic aspects of Montegrappa is the manufacture of fandom pieces of writing. Its fountain pens have become a subject of fascination for collectors around the world, offering joyful, fun and unique pens. In this article you will discover which are the Montegrappa fandom pieces that our customers like the most:

Montegrappa Monopoly

85 years ago, the Parker brothers celebrated the launch in the United States of the board game that has brought the most smiles to homes around the world: Monopoly. In honor of their anniversary, Montegrappa offers two unique limited edition models available in fountain pen or roller ball: the Montegrappa 85th Anniversary collection. Both designs are adorned with silver 925, with an art-deco style and made with resin, but they differ in the color of the piece, green or red, and in the drawing of the engravings that they present. 

The two rollers share some general design elements, such as the resin material with engraved precious metal sleeves, precious stone details and a personalized clip. Both fountain pens are engraved with the Monopoly dollar symbol, and the Mr Monopoly version features the top hat and moustache of the iconic Monopoly character.  

This limited edition comes in a special packaging accompanied by the complete set that includes eight sterling silver chips.


Montegrappa Monopoly


In tribute to the 70th anniversary of the constant progress of Formula 1, Montegrappa designed the Montegrappa F1 Seventy, a limited edition fountain pen that represents a heady mix of speed, high performance and human courage. 

With a light yet strong body, the body of this piece is made with titanium molding and fittings and ultra-light carbon fiber, featuring the F1 logo in red enamel on the top of the cap and the 18k gold nib. Each body of the piece is engraved with tire tread detail, Damascus patterns, racing stripes and special Seventy F1 commemorative logos.
Each copy is handmade and individually numbered and certified up to a maximum of 100 units of rollers and 100 units of fountain pens presented in special packaging.

Montegrappa Seventy F1

Montegrappa fountain pen F1 Seventy LE

Montegrappa Harry Potter

Montegrappa managed to transfer the magical world of Harry Potter to the field of writing, making pieces full of charm in tribute to all the houses of sorcery in the literary work of JK Rowling. This collection consists of pensrollers and fountain pens made of steel and zinc and copper, as well as leather cases. 

Each of the four houses: GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuff and Slytherin are represented in this collection with their most characteristic colors, shields and emblems. The heraldic motifs, slogans and mascots of each of these rival houses are also recreated with extraordinary attention to detail in pieces that are distinguished by their rounded volumes, predominantly straight lines, solid materials and enchanting coloring.


In honor of one of the most successful trilogies in history: The Lord of the Rings, Montegrappa surprises us with 3 unique pieces: a fountain pen, a roller ball and a pen that faithfully recreates the artistic vision of director Peter Jackson, with a subtle and minimalist design with the iconic One Ring and Sauron's all-seeing eye.

These pieces feature ruthenium-coated steel trims, while the clip is copper and zinc also coated with ruthenium and detailed with Super-LumiNova® enamel. Its gold-plated ring can be removed from the cap to see the official Lord of the Rings logo inscribed. 

Montegrappa Lord of the rings

Fountain pen Montegrappa Lord of the Rings Eye of Sauron

In honor of the saga of 'J. R.R. Tolkien we also find this fabulous limited edition work of art crowned with Sauron's eye hand enamel on the cap, and incorporating elements of the ring community along the body of the piece in 925 silver or 18K gold.

Inspired by the globally successful Game of Thrones series, two special editions complete this Montegrappa collection: Iron Throne and Winter Is Here. 

Iron Throne, available in roller ball or fountain pen, is a masterpiece made of 18kt gold and enriched with black and white celluloid details. Its cap represents the much desired crown of the kingdoms and its clip is shaped like a sword finished with a ruby. The body of this piece is an intricate swirl of the Westeros families in war, represented through a multiplicity of sigils and fantasy creatures.

In the case of the fountain pen, its nib is engraved with the pattern of the iron throne. The packaging of this limited edition is a luxurious black lacquered box with silver stealth decorations and red velvet interior lining. There are only 7 units of each piece in the world.

Montegrappa Game of Thrones

Fountain pen Montegrappa Game of Thrones "Iron Throne"

Winter Is Here is also available in roller and fountain pen, each made of 18k gold or 925 silver and celluloid. On the cap of this limited edition piece you can see a dragon expelling fire and two warriors on the body of the piece.  

Montegrappa Winter is here

Fountain pen Montegrappa Game of Thrones "Winter is here"

Available in gold-plated sterling silver with a crown of blue sapphires, rubies and diamonds, this limited edition of the famous rock group Queen comprises 555 silver fountain pens (running time of the iconic song Bohemian Rhapsody: 5:55) and 15 18-karat gold units. 

The song, Bohemian Rhapsody, was released in 1975 on the album A Night at the Opera. The album cover features the legendary Queen Crest, a logo designed by Freddie Mercury that Montegrappa has reproduced around the body of the pen, as well as other references to Freddie Mercury's iconic stage presence. 

This limited edition is available as a roller ball or a fountain pen.

Montegrappa Queen A Night at the Opera

Fountain pen Montegrappa Queen a Night at the Opera

In 2019, the 50th anniversary of NASA's moon landing was celebrated, and to commemorate this historic moment, Montegrappa launched the Moon Landing collection. This special edition collection is inspired by the Apollo 11 mission, featuring the iconic Saturn V rocket performed on a luxury writing instrument. 

These pieces offer a mix of engineering and design, as they feature a striking combination of white pearlescent resin and polished sterling silver with decorative enamels that evoke the marks of the original ship's fuselage. It features a semi-detachable body that allows users to simulate the separation of the second and third stages of the Saturn V rocket, and reveal special viewing windows that expose the pen's internal ink flow mechanism. The cap clip is reminiscent of the crane on the Cape Kennedy launch pad.

This collection features fountain penrollerball and ballpoint pen formats.

Montegrappa Moon Landing LE

Fountain pen Montegrappa Moon Landing

If you would like to know more about Montegrappa pieces, please visit ourwebsite. At Iguana Sell in Madrid, you will find a wide collection of Montegrappa pieces in stock with 24 hour express shipping.

And, of course, if you require more information or wish to place your order, please do not hesitate to contact us.It will be a pleasure to help you.

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