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What is a Limited Edition?

January 14, 2022 2 min read

What is a Limited Edition?

In the collections of fountain pens and watches we usually see the much wanted limited editions. These products differ from the rest because they are, as the name suggests, produced in limited quantities. Although the number of pieces produced may vary in quantity, these editions are finite, and in general the quantity created has to do with what makes them unique. Many brands do not want to limit themselves, so they produce special editions. How do they differ?

Limited Editions

A key feature of limited editions is numbering. Since a certain number of pieces have been manufactured, they are usually numbered, so there will never be two identical pieces.

Montegrappa Age Of Discovery Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Age Of Discovery Fountain Pen

The exclusivity character of these pieces is different from any other piece, the most common factors are:


They extend the range of color, with a new special and limited one. These types of editions have the exclusivity of being also a piece that completes the already existing line.


The manufacturer uses a material rarely or never used by the brand. Sometimes these editions are based on previous models.


Giving the piece new components makes the pieces unique. Whether it is a new complication to the watch, or an innovative charging system in your fountain pen.


Within the limited editions, what is most often seen are those dedicated to celebrities, movies, books, or culture in general.

Dedications to celebrities are sometimes made by working together, and include the signature of the celebrity.

What makes limited editions more unique is that they gain value over the years, as they will never be produced again. These pieces usually also come in boxes that reference the edition and provide even more exclusivity.

Montegrappa La Canzone Del Grappa Limited Ed. Fountain Pen

Montegrappa La Canzone del Grappa Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Special Editions

A special edition is when the manufacturer decides to add something special and important to a piece. They are also very popular and demanded, but unlike the limited editions, they do not have a defined quantity of pieces, sometimes they can even be made to order, but they usually have some characteristic that differentiates them from the pieces that are usually seen in the market.

Montegrappa Harry Potter: Hogwarts L.E Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Harry Potter: Hogwarts Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Every piece of writing and watchmaking is special and acquires value with time and history, the important thing is that whether you are looking to complete a collection from years ago or simply want an exclusive piece in Iguana Sell you can get it.

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