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Japanese autumn equinox "Shūbun No Hi".

September 14, 2021 3 min read

Japanese autumn equinox "Shūbun No Hi".


Autumn Equinox Day (秋分の日, Shūbun no Hi) is a public holiday in Japan usually celebrated on September 22 or 23, the date of the autumnal equinox in Japan Standard Time (as it may occur on different dates for different time zones).

On this day, Japanese people reconnect with their families by attending ancestors' graves and visiting shrines and temples. People also celebrate the good weather and the autumn harvest by enjoying outdoor activities and eating Shūbun no Hi snacks, such as ohagi (also known as botamochi), a sweet rice ball with azuki paste (sweet red bean paste). According to tradition, the spirits of the departed prefer round-shaped food.

At Iguana Sell we want to celebrate this important date in Japanese culture with this selection of autumnal Japanese writing instruments.



Platinum Century Kinshu


This new limited edition Kinshu is inspired by the leaf-covered autumn landscape that bathes the surroundings of Mount Fuji in reddish color. The pattern on the body represents the fiery autumn foliage and the scarlet color used for the body is also inspired by autumn leaves. The curved design of the body gets the light refracted. A Mount Fuji motif appears at the top of the pen, referencing the mountain peak in autumn. This limited edition is numbered on the top of the cap. The case is also unique to this model, in red, and includes converter and a card stating the limited edition number. In commemoration of the end of the Fuji Shunkei series, this fountain pen comes with a pen-shaped stainless steel bookmark with previous five editions of this series.



Namiki Nippon Art Toy-Hagoita


This incredible piece of Nippon Art references Hagoita, which are the wooden paddles used to hit shuttlecocks, traditionally made of soap seeds and bird feathers, used to play the traditional Japanese pastime called hanetsuki during the New Year. This piece is made by 'Kokkokai', a group of Maki-e craftsmen formed in 1931 around Gonroku Matsuda, which later became a living national treasure. The name 'Kokkokai' is derived from a quote by Ryosuke Namiki, the founder, 'In the way that sumo is the national sport of Japan, Maki-e is the light of the nation'. This piece is made using the Hira Maki-e technique where the main lacquered design is decorated with splashed gold and silver powders. Several additional layers of lacquer are then applied. Once the lacquer has hardened, it is polished.



Sailor Shikiori Amaoto Drizzle


Sailor's latest collection is the Professional Gear Slim Sound of Rain 'Amaoto' fountain pens from the Shikiori range. Each piece is inspired by the sound of rain during the different seasons of the year. This Amaoto Drizzle represents the autumnal rain, with a PMMA/AS resin barrel in a delicate matte pastel purple shade and a two-tone 21 karat solid gold nib.





Japanese Nakaya fountain pens are always a great choice. This piece made of ebonite resembles the bark of an old tree, in which you can see the effects of time and the passing of the years. A beautiful representation of autumn and nature, available with a 14 karat solid gold Japanese nib. Remember that the Nakaya pieces that are not in stock, have a delivery time of approximately 6 months.


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