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Friday Outfit: Maritime Tourism

July 13, 2018 2 min read

automatic watches maritime tourism

Friday Outfit: Maritime Tourism

Hello everyone!

One week more we bring you a new Friday Outfit. This week we our proposal is maritime tourism. Today we show you automatic watches designed to enjoy the beach days that we have in stock and other essential products to enjoy holidays at sea.

Maritime tourism is the best option in holidays for those who enjoy tanning, lovers of aquatic activities or those who simply seek to relax listening to the sound of the sea.

Before seeing the products chosen to complete your style, we propose you our essentials for a maritime vacation.

- You should not forget to bring sunscreen. Sunscreen should be applied several times throughout the day to avoid burns. After spending the day on the beach, a good after sun lotion will help us to refresh the skin and protect it after sun exposure.

- On your wrist you should not miss a good diver watch. Whether you spend hours submerged in the water practicing scuba diving or if you enjoy swimming near the shore, a diver watch is the perfect bet. Its airtight box prevents the entry of water into the mechanism. In addition, they have a sporty style ideal to wear with an informal outfit.

- You must not forget a wallet where to carry the basic documentation. Our recommendation is one small and discreet which you can move easily and store in a bag or backpack.

- Another essential for maritime vacations is a small notebook. The sea is always a source of inspiration and in it you can note out ideas, sketch landscapes or use it as a diary.

- To complete the outfit of maritime tourism, nothing better than a fountain penor roller pen inspired by the sea.

Below you will see some of the automatic watches we have chosen for this blog along with the rest of the products in the image.

All the pieces are available on our website and in our boutique in C / Nuñez de Balboa, 90 Madrid. Do not hesitate to come and visit us whenever you wish. It will be a pleasure to welcome you!

Have a nice weekend!



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