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Friday Outfit: Limited Edition watches

May 18, 2018 2 min read

limited edition watches

Friday Outfit: Limited Edition watches

Hello everyone!

Today's Friday Outfit is dedicated to the most important limited edition watches -available in Iguana Sell- that different watch companies make from one of their models or design a new one with a certain purpose. If you want to wear on your wrist a unique watch in the world, in this blog you will find out everything related to the exclusivity of serialized watches: "Limited Edition".


"Limited Edition" products are those that are produced under a strict series of units, giving them this exclusive character. Some of the factors -the most common- that can lead a brand to make these editions can be:

- Case material: this is the production of a previous model, or the creation of a new one, using a material that is less ussed or has never been used before.

- Dial color: some models have never changed dial color, so the watch brand uses a new color, extending its collection by using a different than usual.

- Addition or subtraction of indications: adding a hand, removing it; changing the number of complications; or modifying the design of tachymeter or power reserve indicator, are some of the ways that watchmaking brands use to innovate.

- Celebrity's name/ special date: this is the most common case. Brands name one of their models or create a new one for a particular personality, adding their signature, logo or any aspect that links them. Same way for dates or anniversaries.

All this is completed with the rise in value of the watch: when watches are produced in a certain amount, these gain value over the years. In fact, the normal thing is that these watches are numbered according to their place in the production; that is, the number 1 is engraved on the first of a "Limited Edition" watch finished, number 2 on the second, and so on to the last watch.

You can find all these products in our web or in our boutique at Nuñez de Balboa, 90 Madrid. Do not hesitate to visit us whenever you want. We will be looking forward to meet you!

Have a nice weekend!



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