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Femenine watches trends

April 19, 2017 4 min read

Femenine watches trends

SPRING SUMMER 2017: FEmenine Watches TRends

Hello everyone!

Today we want to show you the trends for women's watches for this spring. Have you already hear which will be the "must haves" for this year? We will show you the keys to be in the latest fashion.

Eternal classics

"Fashion fades, style is eternal". This is why, we often prefer to purchase a watch that we can wear for several years instead of a season. Although this usually means making a greater investment, these kind of models fit almost any type of woman and any age.

Every watch brand has classic and elegant collections that do not change much over time. The straps of this type of watches are usually made with a simple style, without artistic ornaments and their materials are usually gold or silver. A good example is this Bohème watch by Montblanc, a brand which has always been known by its elegance and timelessness.

Usually these watches have dials with regular geometric shapes: ovals, circles or squares. The sphere is usually in neutral colors normally white or black. These are watches that try to escape to the eccentricities and seek to highlight the elegance of each woman.

Minimalist elegance

One of the first things to keep in mind this new season, are watches with a minimalist style. They do not have much decoration. The spheres are smooth and the needles usually feature straight lines and dark tones in contrast to the color of the sphere. The numerals are reduced to the maximum becoming a simple index. An example is this Mondaine that reflects a clear minimalist style.

This watch is suitable for youth styles and business people. Its simplicity hides great elegance. They are watches with a characteristic design, classy and timeless. The straps often mark the difference in this type of watch. More risky colors like this aquamarine from Braun are introduced. If we want a simpler option we can opt for this one, also from Braun but with a steel bracelet.

In general they are analog watches that stand out for their lack of adornments and bet for simplicity. In addition this type and models have a great point in their favor as combine perfectly with almost all looks and styles.

Gold Rose

After several years of dominance of rose gold in the jewelry industry (we have seen it in rings, bracelets, earrings ...). This spring this trend is affirmed as it has become the trendiest color of the season, both in watches and in the fashion world. Even for hair dye! This tone will bring elegance and distinction to you looks!

Therefore pink gold, along with yellow gold, are the most fashionable colors for the spring season 2017. Frédérique Constant is a brand that has always been characterized by adapting to the latest trends. This one we show you is one of them. Pink gold combines with a leather strap in the same shade making this watch a classic but trendy piece.

This year gold is also combined with silver and other materials, in this case diamonds like these Montegrappa models.

Watch + Bracelet

Another main trend for this spring is to give importance to the bracelets or straps of our watches. It is increasingly attempted that this earlier accessory part should be more prominent. It marks the personality of the watch and in contrast to the sphere that becomes simpler.

It innovates in materials and one of the most used is the Milanese mesh. This material has been used for some time now but now it is a different view. An example are these Eterna watches. They stand out by adding a different color (blue, greyand sand) to the Milanese mesh that is more risky than the typical silver and with an innovative shape.

The straps can also appear in classic leather but with risky colors. A good example are these Montegrappa models in very trendy colors like blueand pink perfectly combined with steel or gold.


Watches with mechanism in sight are latest trend. They are usually mechanical watches and in them the movement of the watch is visible from the outside. Either from their dials or from the back of their cases. Others are not completely open. Part of the mechanism can be seen through an aperture that is made with this motif.
In this Rotary, for example the mechanism can be seen from the rear. In addition, the Automatic Jura watch includes a skeleton sphere and 21 rubies which make the movement of this piece have exceptional precision. The opening in the sphere allows travel to the heart of the manual mechanical movement. Like the back of the piece in sapphire crystal, which allows you to observe the movement. The case in stainless steel includes Austrian crystals inlaid.
This type of watch suits all styles, classic as the previous one but also more modern and simple as this Rotary is also available in a leather strap in striking bougainvillea very fashionable this spring. This Automatic Jura watch includes a skeleton sphere and 21 rubies that make the movement of this piece with exceptional accuracy.
Another option is this graceful Automatic Open Grace Art watch that also allows you to see its interior by a small aperture on the top of its mother-pearl dial.

What do you think about the latest trends?  You may find all the recommended watches on our website.

In addition, you can visit our Boutique in Núñez de Balboa 90, Madrid to know these pieces in person.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products, we are at your disposal.


The Iguana Sell Team

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