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Edelstein, the Pelikan gem

January 27, 2023 3 min read

Rose Quartz Edelstein

Talking about writing inevitably means talking about Pelikan. As one of the longest-established brands in the industry, with more than 180 years of experience behind it, its products have become timeless classics. It all began when the chemist Carl Hornemann founded a paint and ink factory in Hanover. And so it was that in 1838 he started a globally successful brand.

Edelstein, The Pelikan Gem

In 2012, the impetus to create writing instruments of the highest standard led Pelikan to introduce the Edelstein collection. With this German word, "precious stone", they started a collection in which each year they portray the precious colours of a different gemstone from around the world. Each year a new, limited ink colour is introduced to replace the previous one, so don't miss the opportunity.

The special ingredients guarantee extra smooth writing and care of the fountain pen. In addition, the ink for each gem is contained in a precious 50 ml glass bottle reminiscent of a cut diamond, worthy of a place on every desk. As an extra bonus, since 2015 Pelikan also launches a limited edition M200 or M205 ballpoint and fountain pen to match the annual colour.


What about 2023? Rose quartz is the gemstone of choice for this year. This stone is found in the softest to the most intense shade, so the ink has been created in a pink tone that matches the core of the natural range of this quartz. A light and comforting colour to honour the gemstone that represents tenderness and peace. 


Rose Quartz Edelstein

Rose Quartz Edelstein



The nature of this line is ephemeral, so it's worth remembering that these limited editions sell out quickly. But that doesn't mean we can't admire the editions of past years, or even find a piece from the collection.

2022 Apatite

The turquoise-blue tone embodied the colour of Apatite, extremely vivid and bright, like the stone associated with water and communication.

This edition comes complete with an M205 Apatite fountain pen and a matching resin biros.

Tintero 50ml, estilográfica y bolígrafo Pelikan Edelstein Apatite


Ink 50ml, fountain pen and ballpoint pen Pelikan Edelstein Apatite

2021 Golden Beryl

Golden Beryl was the gemstone that gave the collection its first golden-yellow colour. This extraordinary ink must be shaken before use, it fascinates with its brilliant pigments.

2020 Moonstone

This silver-grey ink honours the Moonstone, with a pleasant and mysterious tone, soft but resistant. To accentuate its inspiration, each bottle is topped with a matt silver cap.

Moonstone Edelstein

Moonstone Edelstein

2019 Star Ruby

This bright pink, almost raspberry, inkwell emulates the Star Ruby. Like this gemstone, the colour takes on different shades depending on the viewing angle.

2018 Olivine

Olivine was the mineral chosen by Pelikan fans around the world as Pelikan Ink of the Year 2018, giving the brand its olive green colour. The gemstone's hue is due to its iron content, as it is found in igneous rocks. This ink will give your writing a fresh and vigorous character.

2017 Smoky Quartz

This time Pelikan again chose a quartz as its inspiration, in this case the soothing Smoky Quartz. Likewise, this deep greyish-brown ink shows subtle differences in tone.

2016 Aquamarine

This ink acquires its greenish turquoise background from the Aquamarine stone, conveying the same sensitivity, harmony and depth. This limited edition was so successful that Pelikan has added it to its standard catalogue.

2015 Amethyst

Amethyst was the quartz chosen by fans of the brand to star in the 2015 ink of the year. This ink came in burgundy, or bluish maroon, perfectly capturing the tone harmony, wisdom and balance.

2014 Garnet

Garnet's most popular colour is precisely this shade of pomegranate, a deep, dark red. The ink of this energising and regenerating stone was so successful that it was added to Pelikan's regular line in 2019. This edition was completed with an 800 fountain pen, Souverän Black-Red.

2013 Amber

This inkwell embodied the Amber stone in its most orangey range, with a golden background. Like its stone of origin, an ink that emulates life and connection to the earth with intensity.

2012 Turmaline

The spectacular dark pink, almost plum colour of Pink Tourmaline was the shade that bathed the first inkwell of the edition. And it is no coincidence that this was the gemstone chosen to inaugurate the collection, as this gemstone symbolises passion, something that has always moved Pelikan and of which it has always prided itself.


We hope that this review of previous years' inks will fill you with energy and patience to wait to get your hands on the new limited edition Rose Quartz. In the meantime, some past editions may align your chakras.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our team, we will be happy to help you!

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