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5 Tips to care for your Automatic Watch

October 22, 2021 3 min read

5 Tips to care for your Automatic Watch

Intense care, long life

A mechanical watch is complicated and delicate in terms of its engineering. So, if you want it to have a long life, you have to cuddle it and take good care of it.


The efficiency of the automatic winding process depends, in part, on the arm’s movements. Depending on the model, an automatic watch has an autonomy of approximately 40-60 hours with full winding. Thanks to the accumulated power reserve, the watch works at night. However, when the watch is not used for several days, it runs the risk of stopping.

We recommend that you wind it up manually before using it again. Make about 20 turns gently in a clockwise direction to ensure proper operation. In the event that the watch has stopped, we advise you to set the time and date and wind it manually.

Avoid setting the time and / or date of the clock, in the range between 22 PM and 2 AM.

Do not set the time or wind the watch while it is on your wrist, always take it off first, if not you might force or twist the crown or the winding stem. In order to fix it, you will have to send the watch to the technical service.

Avoid moving the needles in the opposite direction.

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It is essential to prevent dust, dirt and / or sweat from accumulating on the watch. To clean up an automatic watch, you only need to wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it immediately dry it afterwards. You may use liquid soap with a neutral PH to clean the watch.

Avoid any contact with chemicals and solvents to ensure good maintenance of an automatic watch. These products can damage the surface of the watch.

If the watch has been used in salt or pool water, you will need to clean the watch with fresh water to remove any traces of salt and chlorine. They can both affect the appearance and the interior.


Extreme temperatures may affect the performance of watches. Subjecting the watch to very low or very high temperatures could affect the viscosity of the lubricants. Therefore, avoid wearing the watch in hot environments such as a sauna or beach.

Exposing an automatic watch to a strong magnetic field can affect its performance and accuracy.

Sudden movements during high impact training can affect the machinery of the watch, therefore we recommend not wearing an automatic watch during sports.

However, some brands such as Victorinox I.N.O.X. , offer automatic watches that overcome more extreme conditions.


It is essential to check the water resistance of the watch before using it in water as factors such as humidity may damage it. We recommend checking the water resistance of the watch every 12 months, particularly before summer.

To find out if your watch is hydrophilic or not, read this article on watch water resistance.

Attention: Unless the watch brand allows it, do not press the buttons responsible for operating the chronograph under water. Pressing them may cause water to enter and damage the watch.

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Have your automatic watch checked approximately every 4 years. An expert will perform maintenance on the mechanism which may include lubrication of the machinery. Automatic watches are complex and require special care.

Taking good care of an automatic watch is easy to do and will allow you to enjoy your watch for a long time.

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