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Platinum Curidas, Lamy Dialog and Pilot Vanishing Point

November 12, 2021 3 min read

Platinum Curidas, Lamy Dialog and Pilot Vanishing Point

Retractable pens

Retractable fountain pens are characterized by a nib that is hidden inside the body, and that is operated with a click or a twist, giving the impression of being a ballpoint pen. This ingenious mechanism was designed to give the fluidity of a fountain pen with the convenience and speed of not having a cap. This retractable system is one of the most significant inventions in recent years and there are three brands that stand out in its use, Platinum, Lamy and Pilot.


Platinum was born in Japan in 1919 by the hand of Shunichi Nakata. It distinguished itself by creating innovative and avant-garde fountain pens, such as the 'Slip & Seal' system that prevents the ink from drying out.

The Curidas line was not Platinum's first retractable pen, but it has become the most popular. They have a modern and interesting design, with a complex mechanism and an acceptable price.

Platinum Curidas

Platinum Curidas

The Curidas is a retractable system fountain pen, where the nib remains hidden and comes out through the action of a button on the inner spring, like a ballpoint pen, in essence it is a set of nib and ink tank that moves forwards and backwards.

However, it is somewhat more complex than a ballpoint pen. The nib of a fountain pen dries out if it is exposed to air for a long time, so the closing system is where these brands tend to innovate. The Curidas have a small interior elastomer space, where the nozzle is inserted. In Platinum they call it nib pocket. This mechanism, as complex as it is interesting, has the peculiarity of adopting a backward position when it is stored and approaching the nozzle when it is removed, guaranteeing flawless operation.


Lamy is a German brand that was born in 1930. Its pieces have a sophisticated and modern design, and distinguish themselves through their technical innovation and precision.

Lamy Dialogs were launched on the market in 2003 with a retractable system that activates through a turning movement, unique in the market.

Lamy Dialog

Lamy Dialog CC

The Lamy Dialog CC's retractable system works by turning the body of the pen half a turn, making the sophisticated 14-karat gold nib appear or disappear. When closed a valve prevents the nib from drying out or getting dirty. This innovative system makes the pen one of the first in its class.

The paperclip is small and not actually a paperclip, it is a stopper that prevents the pen from rolling around the table when not in use. Its rose gold plated tone adds elegance to an already minimalist design.


Pilot is one of the few manufacturers in the world capable of performing all the steps necessary to create a writing instrument. The vanishing point model is one of the most famous on the market. It is a discreet and practical fountain pen, which, like those mentioned above, has the particularity of being capless.

The first Vanishing Point (VP) pen was launched in 1960 and had one of the most complex internal mechanisms. The nib was flat and the body of the pen was made of aluminum, the pen was developed to achieve an ideal push button system for students.

Pilot Capless

Pilot Capless

This pen comes in different colors. Its clip is extremely long and functions as a guide for the grip of the pen. Its retractable system makes it an easy-to-activate pen. When it is closed, it is completely sealed, and activating the button opens a gate from where the nib comes out. The nib is particularly long and the system allows for easy nib exchange.

Whether it's for the office, for classes, to take notes on the go or to have on your desk, a retractable pen is always a good decision that will allow you to have fluid writing, with quick access and an innovative and silent system.

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