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Iguana Sell Club Presentation

May 05, 2017 2 min read

Iguana Sell Club Presentation

The Iguana Sell Club Presentation & #FlexItMad

Hello everyone!

Last Thursday 30th of March we had the pleasure of enjoying a very special event in our boutique: The Iguana Sell Club's presentation.

First of all, we want to thank everyone who could make it and share with us this special day. As we said in the presentation, the Iguana Sell Club is created for you, to thank you and reward you for the trust you have had in us during all these years.

The Iguana Sell Club's Presentation

Around 20:00, when nearly all attendees had arrived we began the Iguana Sell Club's presentation, in which we introduced the objectives and advantages of being a part of the Club and introduced one of the most iconic elements of our Club, the passport that will confirm your membership.

The Club will available soon, in both our web and boutique.

Aurora and its new nibs

After Linda di Fonzo, Export Manager of the Italian brand Aurora made a little presentation about the company, explaning the added value of their products, she invited all attendees and Iguana Sell to visit the Aurora Museum in Turin, considered the biggest museum in Europe dedicated to writting. In this museum, apart from getting to know the history of fountain pens and enjoying exhibitions of all reknowned and iconic brands of the industry, you are able to see the process of creation of a nib, considered the elemental part of Aurora fountain pens.  

Finally, Filippo Alghero, designer and engineer of Aurora nibs told us everything about the process of creating Aurora nibs and introduced, for first time in Europe, the new flexible Aurora nibs which are available in the eight models of their new limited collection Aurora 88 Aniversary. 

Everyone who wanted was able to try these flexible nibs and get Filippo Alghero's advice in order to write correctly with them, achieve different lines when writing, etc. Undoubtfully it was an amazing experience for fountain pen lovers.

During the event, our attendees also enjoyed a showroom with some of Aurora's novelties for this year like the new Edo collection, the two new 88 Demonstrator models, the new Aurora Optima Rossa or the new Aurora 88 Nebulosa, all of them now available at Iguana Sell. We also counted with a small corner with the brand's most iconic pieces, like the Leonardo da Vinci and Continents collection or the iconic Aurora Thesithat was once exhibited in the MoMa Museum of New York.

And of course, everyone who wanted could sign up to become a member of our Club.

We will soon let you know more details about the Iguana Sell Club.

In the meantime do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions. We will be keen to help!

Kind regards,

The Iguana Sell Team

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