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Visconti nibs

April 22, 2021 3 min read

Visconti nibs

The in-house nib of the Italian firm Visconti

Throughout more than 30 years of history, Visconti has been characterized by its constant search for perfection in writing instrument design and engineering. The brand has presented an in-house nib completely designed and manufactured by the Visconti team. This important step has allowed Visconti to be totally independent and complete the in-house production of each piece, providing the customer with a completely “made in Italy” writing experience.

The first collections to showcase the new gold nibs are Opera Master Polynesia with 18K gold nib and Homo Sapiens Lava Colorwith 14K gold nib, launched at the end of August 2020. Their nibs are made of solid gold, one of nature's most malleable noble metals, allowing for a smoother writing experience. Tip fabrication requires more than 15 processing steps before final testing. Each nib is hand polished, like a real gem.

With this event, Visconti has turned another page in its history. True to its roots in Florence, the cradle of Italian art, Visconti pays homage to two great Florentine masters to identify their nibs:

  • The 18 kt gold nib bearsGiotto'sname
  • the 14 kt gold nib takes the name ofGiottino.


In blue, fountain pen Visconti Opera Master Polynesia with an 18K gold nib (Giotto) and in white, Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Color Ash White with 14k gold nib (Giottino).

Giotto and Giottino nibs

Giotto, one of the most important Italian painters and architects of the 14th century, has been revered as the father of European painting and the first of the great Italian masters whose works point to the innovation of the future Renaissance style that developed a century later. Giottino, recognized in his day as a master in his craft, studied the work of the master painter Giotto and looked strongly towards him in the formation and development of his style.

The 18 karat gold “Giotto” nibs are engraved with “Visconti”, “18k 750” and the letter corresponding to the size of the nib. The nib got a modern look thanks to a slimmer shape and a new font.

The 14 karat gold “Giottino” nibs are decorated with the “V” logo and engraved with “Visconti”, “14k” and the letter corresponding to the size of the nib. For this new nib collection, Visconti also decided to keep a crescent-shaped vent hole, a distinctive feature of Visconti's precious nibs.



Details of the 14K gold nibs of the fountain pens Visconti Homo Sapiens Demo Stones Shappire (blue) et Emerald (green).

From palladium to gold

Visconti offers a selection of five different points: EF, F, M, B and STUB. Visconti experts are currently working to expand the line with calligraphy, left-handed and custom nibs.

Likewise, we must remember that the Italian house had begun its change of nibs already in 2019, by replacing the 23 karat palladium nibs with the gold ones.Thus, the famousBronze Homo Sapiens have come to have the 18 carat gold nib bathed in bronze; as well asHomo Sapiens Dark Age pieces that now feature a 23-karat gold-plated ruthenium-plated nib.



The golden nib corresponds to the Visconti Homo Sapiens Basaltic Lava piece ans it is made of 18K gold and bronze-plated. The silver one is of Visconti Homo Sapiens Dark Age fountain pen and it is made of 18k gold.

Likewise, the limited editions of Visconti Midnight in Florence and Homo Sapiens Tuscan Hills are marketed with 18-karat gold nibs. However, while stocks last, we can find the feathers that still have the palladium.

Visconti Giottoe

Palladium Visconti nibs.

The new Visconti nibs are compatible with the old ones, that is, if you want to buy a gold nib for your Visconti that used to have the palladium one, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you choose the one that corresponds to you.

And finally, speaking of Visconti steel nibs, these are still made in Germany by Bock. They appear in collections of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, etc.

Do not hesitate to visit our boutique to see the entire collection of fountain pens in stock from the famous Visconti house.If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to help you.

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