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S.T. Dupont Montecristo

October 13, 2023 3 min read

S.T. Dupont Montecristo

One of the most striking and sought-after collections in recent times is the famous collaboration between S.T. Dupont, dedicated to high-end accessories, and Montecristo, the brand of cigars and cigars. And that's how the creation that would celebrate S.T. Dupont's 150th anniversary began a legacy. 

S.T. Dupont Montecristo

Being the most prestigious and best-selling brand in its field, Montecristo took its name from the famous novel written by Alexandre Dumas: The Count of Monte Cristo. So, in turn, this is the object of the collection they have created in conjunction with S.T. Dupont, dedicating three models to the novel. It stops at various points in the story, capturing it in the pieces through spectacular colour gradations that represent the character's journey.

Estilográfica S.T. Dupont Line D Montecristo, Le Crépuscule, La Nuit y L'Aurore

S.T. Dupont Line D Montecristo Le Crépuscule, La Nuit and L'Aurore Fountain Pen

Each part of the collection, divided into three moments, consists of three lighters, a fountain pen, a rollerball pen Line D, cigar cutter, ashtray and a pair of cufflinks. Each creation is handmade by six master craftsmen, and both the packaging and the ashtrays feature the three symbols of each model along with a sea in which the ship of the story's protagonist would have sailed. They also feature the emblematic logos of the Montecristo brand as well as S.T. Dupont.


The first part of the trilogy is "Le Crépuscule," which, with its colours, tells the beginning of Edmond Dantès' story when he still lives in an idyllic state, full of promises, hopes, and ambition. The colour gradation from yellow to black, passing through orange and brown, all in warm shades, portrays the clarity of light until the day ends, accompanying the unexpected twist that will change the protagonist's life. Over them, a dim sun and a moon that begins to take center stage are depicted.

Encendedor Ligne 2 Montecristo La Nuit, Grand L'Aurore y Cling Le Crépuscule

Ligne 2 Montecristo La Nuit, Grand L'Aurore and Cling Le Crépuscule lighters

The second model is "La Nuit," The Night. With its distinctive design, it transitions from the coldest yellow to a faint purple combined with deep blue, ultimately reaching a solid and deep black. It reflects the period in Dantès' life when he plunges into the darkest moments, enduring betrayal, captivity, and the greatest injustices and disappointments, as well as demonstrating resilience and perseverance. The symbol of a waning crescent moon (in the northern hemisphere), evoking the mysterious light it emits, is featured in each piece of this model.

Closing the trilogy, as well as Edmond's journey, is "L’Aurore," The Dawn. It represents the victorious conclusion of this story, a return to serenity, compassion, and forgiveness. It starts with warm yellow, reddish-orange, brown, and finally deep blue, presenting the sunrise pattern in each of its pieces. The symbol representing it is a sun, standing alone for the first time, illuminating the ship in the case of the ashtray, which would have belonged to the character who would have been the captain.

Cenicero Montecristo L'Aurore Porcelana

S.T. Dupont Montecristo L'Aurore Ashtrays Porcelain

Whether you're passionate about luxury accessories or literature, you shouldn't miss the collection born from the collaboration between S.T. Dupont and Montecristo. It's filled with details that bring a new dimension to both Alexandre Dumas' novel and the accessories brand. Elegance, craftsmanship, and tradition come together through one of the pinnacle stories of universal literature.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team. We'll be delighted to assist you!

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