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Inspiring Spring

March 16, 2022 2 min read

Inspiring Spring

The colors along with their shades transmit feelings which might inspire everyone in a different way. At Iguana Sell we love finding people inspired and fueled by their passions.

A passion for writing is a passion which goes beyond standing in front of a white sheet of paper, it inspires and acts as an escape from the routine. There are also those who are passionate about watchmaking, the history, technique and usefulness of each piece.

Spring tones

We wish to welcome spring! A season filled with cheerful, romantic and elegant colors.

YELLOW IN DETAILAVI-8 Hawker Hunter Duke Chronograph Cosford

AVI-8 Hawker Hunter Duke Chronograph Cosford Quartz Watch

The AVI-8 Hawker Hunter model has yellow details on the face. The yellow color is related to joy, uniqueness and intelligence. This aviator watch stands out for its lightness despite its multiple complications. This piece is a true honor to the ingenuity and spirit of Neville Duke. Duke broke the air speed record by flying the first aircraft with a high-speed jet engine.


Esterbrook Estie Oversize Sea Glass

Esterbrook Estie Oversize Sea Glass Fountain Pen

Esterbrook presents the Sea Glass collection, which has an abundance of colors ranging from amber to green, from black to pale pink and from transparent frost to the rarest turquoise blue. The shades of green color conveys seriousness, serenity and peace.


raf von Faber-Castell Tamitio India Red

Graf Von Faber-Castell Tamitio India Red Fountain Pen

The Tamitio fountain pen demonstrates how the art of writing can be enriched with extraordinary nuances. In this case the color red, being a primary and striking color at the same time, gives it a classic and modern touch. Red symbolizes passion, action and strength. What better way to follow your writing passion than with a pen that inspires you?


Frederique Constant Vitality

Frederique Constant Vitality

The Frédérique Constant Vitality Smartwatches are interesting because at first glance it looks like a classic watch, but inside the dial contains a digital display. The classic look of the gray strap evokes elegance, tranquility and subtlety, qualities of color.Every year the trend changes, pastel colors for spring 2022 will be a hit.
If you want to know more about smartwatches visit our smartwatches blog post.


Platinum Celluloid #24 Koi y Oro

Platinum Celluloid Fountain Pen

Platinum presents the celluloid collection, both the body and the cap are made of celluloid in beautiful colors with 6 different endings. Pink color, transmits positive energies and calmness, helping you inspire even more.

Just as each color has its own symbology, the feelings they transmit are personal. The most important thing is always to let yourself be inspired by your own passion.

We wish you a happy spring and if you need help or additional information about any of these pieces do not hesitate to contact us or visit our store in Madrid, Núñez de Balboa 90.
It will be a pleasure to help you

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