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5 reasons to give a fountain pen for Mother's Day

April 12, 2018 3 min read

reasons to give a fountain pen for mothers day

Mothers have much to write.

Hello everyone,

There are many reasons to buy a gift for the woman that brought you to the world, as it doesn’t matter how much we thank her, it’s never enough. Sometimes, it is quite complicated to find the Mother’s Day perfect gift: a gift that surprises her, that she will use and that she like. That is the reason why today’s post is meant to show you that a fountain pen is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. We are completely sure that it is the wisest option.

Moreover, there are many complementary accessories such as inkwells, sets and different nibs that will allow you personalizing the chosen fountain pen to give her.

1. It is an original gift will definitely surprise her.

A fountain pen is an atipical gift that will exceed your mother’s expectations. Moreover, it is rare and extremely useful. If your mother is already interested in writing, a new fountain pen will always pleased her. On the other hand, if this is her first fountain pen, Mother’s Day is your perfect chance to start sharing your passion for writing with her.  

2. It is a personal gift, completely adaptable to your mother’s needs and tastes.

There is a large variety of writing instruments. No matter which are your mother likes, as you will always find at Iguana Sell a piece that fits them perfectly. Does she prefer classic lines? You will nail it with a Graf von Faber-Castell fountain pen. Does she like to stand out with little details? Then the best option is the Montblanc Muses Edition inspired in Marilyn Monroe. Is she passionate for Art? Take a look at the Visconti Van Gogh Portrait Blue fountain pen. Does she appreciate the handmade? If so, she will enjoy writing with a Nakaya Writer Long.  

3. You will be giving her a new hobby: writing

A fountain pen and a notebook will awake the desire of writing. We have much to learn from and about our mother, her experiences, her stories, her advices. Writing is the best way to access other human’s inner world and get to know this way their feelings and thoughts. How many of you would like to know what she felt the day you where born written by her own handwriting?

4. Although years pass by, she will keep her brain young.

We all have a frenetic life rythm. Slowing down can decrease stress, it helps us to clarify what we want and allows us to step back in order to solve our struggles better. Giving a fountain pen for Mother’s Day, you will be giving her a deep breath, a new way of daily meditating in order to keep her cognitive capacities healthy.

5. You will awaken the artist she has inside.

Fountain pens inspire and stimulate creativity. Besides, it can be used in many different ways. Obviously, their most known utility is writing, but they can also be used to create art. As an example, this Aurora Talentum fountain pen or the Pelikan Souverän White TransparentSpecial Edition, offer a lot of different nib options that will bring boundless painting possibilities for those artist mothers. Moreover, lettering (the art of making types) is the latest trend and will allow your mother to make the best out of her nibs in a joyful way. What about giving her a Montegrappa with Flexible Nib along with a lettering course?  

We hope that our reasons to give a fountain pen for Mother’s Day have guided you in the choice of a gift to share with her this day.

All selected fountain pens are in stock available in our boutique at Núñez de Balboa 90, Madrid. Also, if you want personal attention, do not hesitate to contact us via our website, mail, phone (+34) 91 441 50 41 or WhatsApp (+34) 682 678 786

Have a nice day!
Iguana Sell.

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