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Coloured Nibs

April 08, 2022 3 min read

Coloured nibs

The fountain pens world is in constant development, it has advanced astronomically since the first fountain pen and we can foresee many more innovations in the near future. One of the incredible developments that has occurred in the last few years are the coloured nibs.

Unique nibs

The most commonly seen and general nibs are stainless steel and gold, and the colours are usually silver or gold. Variations can be found in terms of the carat of the nib and in the flexibility of it but not in the colour.

However, lately, multiple variations in nib colours have been seen in the market, especially by brands such as Aurora, Twsbi, Conklin y Visconti that have produced nibs of completely different colours.

Sailor Professional Gear Gold

Nib detail Sailor Professional Gear Gold

One of the first innovations in terms of nibs are Bi-colour nibs that can be seen in some brands such as Sailor, Namiki, and Taccia. Bi-colour nibs are made of solid gold and have a lot of success among the writing enthusiasts. They are known for the strength and flexibility of a gold nib but they have a rhodium part so that you can see the gold and silver colours in the same nib.

From this point on, lots of brands started to innovate the colour of their nibs. A brand to highlight is Aurora, as it is one of the brands with the largest number of coloured nibs designed exclusively for their models.


One of the first colours they used for their nibs is the famous matte black, but understanding the importance of innovation they continued creating new colours. As a result, Aurora has been one of the fastest growing brands in recent years.

Plumines Aurora

Nibs detail Aurora Blue Mamba y Trilobiti Cioccolato

Their Trilobiti collection, inspired by the fossils of marine animals that went extinct around 65 million years ago, presents some new nibs in a variety of colours. These colored nibs provide a unique design to the piece as they allow the colour of the body to go down to the nib, resulting in an exquisitely designed fountain pen.

The Trilobiti collection comes with exclusive and highly innovative colours.


Another nib colour that has developed an increasing popularity is PINK GOLD, which can be found in various models. This colour allows the brand to design models with rose gold details, adding variety to their fountain pens and differentiating them from the gold and silver colours that have been the most commonly seen for many years.

Montblanc Meisterstück

Nib detail Montblanc Meisterstück


Both Twsbi and Visconti have launched iridescent coloured nibs in various colours that undoubtedly generate a special feeling, with the rainbow in the nib, plus no nib is exactly the same as another, all are unique, which makes the piece unique as well.

Twsbi VAC 700R Iris

Nib detail Twsbi VAC 700R Iris

The variety in design and materials that exist today in the fountain pen world is truly magnificent. Whether you are looking for a classic fountain pen or something a little different, you can be sure you will find a nib that suits you.


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